Successful Socialising at Workplace

Dear ladies and gentlemen, people often ask us for advice on their successful behaviour at networking events. However, daily networking at your workplace can be very powerful for your career as well. I invite you to discover the power of socialising with your colleagues and 7 tips for your successful implementation at work.

A Harvard University study showed only 15% of the reason why a person gets a job, keeps it, or advances in a job is connected to technical skills and job knowledge meaning things you learned for instance at university. Whereas 85% is related to people skills, which also includes the successful interaction, communication, and socialising with people.

Tip 1
Some of your colleagues may put pictures of their families, children, hobbies, or pets on their desk. While you pass by their desk, it is easy to do the first step and ask them about that picture or thing you see on their desk. For example: “What a beautiful child you have. How old is she?”

Tip 2
Try to find commonalities to easily connect with a person. Maybe you are interested in a specific topic that your colleague is an expert in or you have the same hobby. It can be something you have heard about your colleague which is a good topic to start a small talk. For example: “Hello James, I heard you spent your Chinese New Year skiing in Switzerland. I also did the same. In which area did you ski?”

Tip 3
When you get up from your desk to go and grab new water or tea, challenge yourself to even start a conversation with a colleague who also gets a new drink, but you don’t know yet. You can start by introducing yourself: “Hello, my name is Mr. Wang. I am a software engineer in this department. We haven’t met yet. What do you do?”

Tip 4
When you have a small talk, show your genuine interest in your colleague by asking some open questions, e.g. questions like what, when, why… It will keep the conversation alive and you can build up a connection with this person. Closed questions that can be answered with a short yes or no, make it more difficult to keep the conversation running.

Tip 5
Spend your lunch time by talking to your colleagues. Important is, put your phone down and put your attention on your lunch partners. Encourage your colleagues to talk about themselves again by asking questions and be a good listener. It will help you build up a closer and trustworthy relationship. This conversation will also give your brain and body a good break from your work.

Tip 6
Always try to genuinely help others. Find out about your colleague’s challenges and needs and see how you can help him or her first. It will strengthen your connection.
Tip 7
People love to hear their name. While having a conversation or greeting someone in the hallway, greet them with their name. Throughout a conversation, feel free to repeat their name a few times as well.

I hope you are now well prepared to start socialising more often at your workplace.

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