Dear ladies and gentlemen, if you are like me you learned at a young age how to tie your shoes. Since then you are doing it in the exact same way and probably you don’t think it’s the wrong way! Let me introduce you to how to tie elegant and durable knots. Take your shoes and give a try!

The Shoelaces – 6 rules

First of all, you need proper shoelaces. Follow these rules

1. For your dress shoes use thin round or flat shoelaces.

2. Use cotton or leather shoelaces. Do not go with nylon, they are good for sports shoes.

3. Maintain your laces, replace with a new one when it’s time. Not only because of the look but also so they don’t just break during the day.

4. Don’t use too long laces, they should be from 60 to 80 cm, depending on the shoe number.

5. For formal occasions, the colour of the shoelaces should be black or brown. For different events like a cocktail party, you can play with different colours.

6. When they are tied, they should be lying down horizontally not vertically. That’s why I’ll introduce you 2 knots that allow you to achieve this position.

How to match laces with shoes?
Laces are reversible, you may put them in any pair of shoes you want. They are less expensive than buying a new pair. How to change the look of your shoes:

1. If you want to have a pop of colour then you should pair it with a colour of your socks, pocket square, tie, bow tie or cufflinks – e.g. black shoes/red laces/ red socks.

2. If you are not a colour fan you may just change the shape (round to flat and opposite) or use laces with less contrast in colour – e.g. brown shoes/ black laces.

Straight bar lacing method
Before tying our shoes we should lace them. For oxford or dress shoes straight bar lasing method is the proper one. Don’t use the crisscross method, it’s not elegant!

1. Start with equalizing the length of shoelaces.

2. Take the shoelace on the left side and take it across and pull up and out.

3. Then on the same level, pull in through top down.

4. Take the other lace across and pull up.

5. On the same level, pull in through top-down like we did in step 3.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

7&8. Take the other lace and cross it over and pull up.

9. Check if the laces are equal, and go back with loosening in case you need to fix them.

*In case you are using flat shoelaces make sure that they are lying down flat while lacing.

Berluti Knot
Designer Olga Berluti introduced the knot in the 1970s. She took her inspiration from The Duke of Windsor who used this double-loop knot that prevented his shoelaces from coming untied during military parades and official ceremonies. This very strong double knot is familiar as the quintessence of sophistication!

How to tie?
1. Start with twisting your laces once.

2. Form two bunny ears, one in your right hand and one in left.

3. Take the bunny ear in your left hand and take it over the right.

4. Take everything from the left side and push it through the hole and pull it through.

5. Take everything from the right side and pull through the hole.

6. Pull equally only the bunny ears.

*To Untie- pull both ends equally.

Parisian Knot
Once more this knot is a double knot that ensures that once you tie it, you are sure it won’t untie or move during the day. It gives you really elegant flat loop and allows you to centre the knot.

How to tie?
1. Start with twisting your shoelaces twice around each other.

2. With your left hand form a bunny ear.

3. With right hand wrap the shoelace around your finger twice.

4. Push the shoelace through the middle where your finger was to create the second bunny ear.

5. Pull the ears and centre your knot.

Dear all, the way you are tying your shoes may not be so visible for some people but it makes difference. Start your day with knowing that you are different than others!