Dear ladies each detail should be impeccably worn, everything you wear comes to the spotlight when it comes to presenting yourself in a social or business gathering. I propose you different types of collar that can adorn your neckline.

Social occasions
Shawl collar
Shawl is a round collar for a V-neckline that is extended to form lapels, often used on cardigan sweaters, dinner jackets, dresses and women’s blouses
How to wear: You can never be wrong with this type since it’s a timeless style. It gives a luxury layer to your garment.

Meghan Markle wearing a shawl collar dress

Mandarin collar
It’s a small unfolded standing collar, open at the front, based on traditional Manchu or Mongol-influenced Asian garments.
How to wear: Since mandarin collars are short and do not fold over, necklaces are not worn with mandarin-collared dress shirts. Mandarin collar shirts go wonderful with blazers. Could be worn when you want to show you are fond of your culture or to achieve a formal look.

Queen Letizia wearing a mandarin collar dress

Peter Pan collar
Peter Pan collar is also a flat one and it curves round along your neckline. It’s named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan.
How to wear: This type looks stunning in dresses. You can wear it without a necklace because it can already give the impression of having it. This collar gives you a feminine touch and glam effect. Also makes you look younger.

Queen Letizia wearing a dress with a Peter Pan collar

Jabot collar
This collar is a standing collar with a pleated, ruffled or lace-trimmed frill down the front. The name comes from a French word  jabot-bird’s crop, it was very famous in the 19th century.
How to wear: Jabot collar is usually decorated with a beautiful brooch, so if you want to point out its beauty it should be definitely attached to it. Also, it gives you a real old-world charm.

Queen Rania wearing a jabot collar shirt

Puritan collar
The Puritan is a flat collar, has no stand so the full width lies against the garment. It extends to the shoulders. Can be found on coats, dresses and shirts.
How to wear: This type of collar attracts the attention to your upper body especially your face. Make sure you have a nice makeup and earrings to enhance your look. You may match it with the shirt cuff.

Princess Diana wearing a Puritan collar dress

Business occasions
Classic collar
Traditional collar, therefore, a ‘must-have’ in any basic women collar shirt wardrobe. It’s the most formal one.
How to wear: Worn mostly for official purposes, this type of collar is typically made out of cotton and belongs to formal office wears and pairs impeccably well with a blazer. You can add a tie or a bowtie to accessorise your outfit.

Queen Rania wearing a classic collar shirt

Spread collar
Variation of the classic collar, the distance between the collar points is wider than usual. The spread collar visually gives the wearer a widen face.
How to wear: Safe choice for any business occasions, because space is wider between the collar point you can have a bulky tie knot.

Notched collar
Type of collar with square corners on the lapel and a triangular notch on it. You can also have a rounded notched collar but they are more used for nurses uniforms.
How to wear: We often see this type of collar in blazers and blouses worn with business suits. Additionally, the notched collar on coats gives you credibility.

Kate Middleton wearing notched collar blazer

Dear ladies, I hope we enlighten you some tips on having a flattering collar. Which type is your favourite and why? Please share with us!