Dear ladies and gentlemen, having an impeccable image is not very hard to achieve. 10 to 15 minutes a day can make wonders with your posture. Today I am going to introduce you exercises that you can apply anytime and anywhere. Please follow me!

Standing posture
Our poor posture usually comes from the weakness of our muscles. When we try to have a perfect straight posture after a short period, we feel tired. Therefore, we have to strength up our muscles first in order to gain a gracious posture.

Exercise I
Every day, you may stand straight against the wall for 5 minutes: heels, hips, shoulders, hands should be kept close to the wall. This will naturally help to correct your neck and shoulders posture.

After a couple of times, if this feels too easy for you, you may stand longer or move away one step from the wall.

Exercise II
Keep your both arms in front of you, straight elbows, hands in fists facing up, thumbs pointing on a side. Move the arms away from each other with squeezing the shoulder blades and return. Repeat 20 times. This exercise will empower your muscles between shoulder blazes which will allow you to easier keep your shoulders in a proper position.

Exercise III
Same position like in the previous exercise, but keep your elbows next to your body, forming 90 degrees angle with your forearms and upper arms, move them away from each other with squeezing the shoulders blades and return. Repeat 20 times. It’s also applied to empower the muscles between the shoulder blades.

Exercise IV
Find support for your arm in a standing position, legs apart with a straight back, bend your knees a bit, one arm placed behind your head. Rotate the arm behind your head, in front – behind motion, follow the movement with your head. Repeat 20 times each arm. Another variation for straightening up your back muscles for a painless posture.

Sitting posture
We often sit a lot and that affects our body. Actually, our body is made for movement, that’s why it’s important to do exercises during sitting. These exercises you can do more times a day, anytime when you feel it can release you from back pain.

Exercise I
Cross your arms, start moving your weight from one side to another. Continue doing the exercise for 30 sec. By doing this exercise you are stretching your back releasing yourself from a pain.

Exercise II
Cross your arms, bring your chest up and then down. Continue doing the exercise for 30 sec. Another exercise for stretching your upper back that decreases the tension.

Exercise III
Cross your arms, rotate your upper body from one side to another. Continue doing the exercise for 30 sec. Overall, all these sitting exercises are used to activate your back muscles while sitting which allows you pain-free state.

Walking posture
For maintaining a straight back we have to have a stable base. That’s why our leg muscles play an important role. In order to have gracious walking motion, our muscles should be enough strong. Therefore, I propose you the following.

Exercise I
Place your hands on your hips, maintain a straight posture, and now follow the steps:
Step 1: Raise up our right leg in front of you. Hold for 30 seconds.

Step 2: While still in the air, move your leg on a side. Hold for 30 seconds.

Step 3: While still in the air, move your leg behind you. Hold for 30 seconds.
Bring down your leg, shake it a bit and repeat steps (1-3) with your left leg.

Exercise II
This one we use to teach our clients how to synchronise the whole body while walking. The rule is: right hand – left leg go together and the opposite. Another thing to remember is that we should walk heel to toe. You can do it in one spot if the available space is small.

Dear all, you know what people say, in a healthy body there is a healthy mind as well.