Dear ladies and gentlemen, there can be occasions where you need to prepare a public speech. How to write it? How to present? What should you wear? If you are getting nervous just thinking about these questions, then you won’t want to miss the following tips.

Write the speech

Set the topic
A clearly defined topic is the backbone of a good speech. Try to focus on one rather than covering multiple topics. A single topic will also make it easier to keep the speech structured and logic.

Write an outline
Of course, there will be opening and closing parts, but you know it is the body of the speech that needs the most attention. Think about 3 or 4 topics sentences gradually leading to the main idea, keep the logic solid. Avoid complex structure which might confuse the audience and even yourself.

Choose supporting points
Collect as much information as possible according to your outline, screen and categorize the information. Combining the materials with your own opinions and experiences can make the speech more original and attractive. Usually, 3 points are enough for each topic sentence.

Adopt correct wording
In many cases, you need to adopt formal expressions. Politely address the audience using “ladies and gentlemen”, or “Sir”, “Madam”. Avoid using slangs and describe things clearly. Try not to use abbreviation when not necessary.

Prepare the speaking

Know the circumstance
Who will you speak to? How many people will there be? Where will you do the speech? How formal is the occasion? Understand the circumstance and choose the appropriate way to present.

Practice the speech
It is not just about memorizing the content. While practising, we’ll get the full impression of the whole presentation. Set a timer and pay attention to the inner rhythm. Imagine where might be the climax and which part might bore the audience, then think about how to react. When possible scenes are anticipated, you will be more calm and confident during the real speech.

Tone and postures
Make sure your tone is natural. Control the volume, it should not be too loud but needs to be clearly audible by the last row of the audience. Stand straight and wear a smile. The movement range of your gestures should be moderate to stay elegant.

Choose the outfit
It will be nice to dress formally. A suit for men and a below-knee skirt with 3-5cm of high heels for women will do. Do not wear too showy or exaggerating cloths or accessories. Also, avoid wearing new clothes, it may cause you trouble while giving a speech.
You may take other kinds of outfits in different scenarios, just keep in mind to be neat and elegant.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we hope this article can help you better present yourself and the ideas in your next speech. What is the most difficult part for you when preparing a speech? Please share with us!