Fashion mistakes that will age you

Dear ladies, I know most of you don’t like looking older than your time and more would like to look younger! Therefore, I propose you top fashion faux-pas that might be ageing you, and bits of advice on how to turn back the clock for each one.

Undergarments are the base, if this step in dressing is unproperly done, it will ruin your look, the ill-fitting bra will definitely age you.

My advice:
Ask for professional help. A lot of stores do offer their assistance in finding the right bra size.
Also, you can ask their help to find the correct bra style that will flatter your shape.
Avoid wearing the grandma’s panties, better find a more stylish one.

No more grandma’s panties

Besides ageing, finding the proper bra will correct your posture (no more slouching) and boost your clothing.

Baggy clothes
It is very popular nowadays but by hiding your body first you look larger and then you look less feminine and older as well.

My advice:
If you really like to have baggy clothes better find a stylist and/or tailor that will create a style that will at least slightly follow your body shape.

Try to combine femininity and loosen clothes 

I often see ladies wearing the tights in the wrong size and colour. Too big tights create layers on your legs which will give the impression of too loose and old skin. Tights in nude colour are really unflattering as the skin tone never matches with the colour of the tights.

My advice:
Double check the size you need, it usually depends on your weight and height.
Instead of nude tights wear a colour skin sheer tights, that way the difference is not that obvious.

Wrinkled tights around ankles

Reading glasses/sunglasses
We spend many hours in front of different screens (pc, tablet, phone…) so most likely you will need one pair sooner or later. Glasses can make you look really older than you are.

My advice:
Use contact lenses.
Find a frame that fits your face shape.
Try on different shapes and ask people around you which ones are the most flattering.

Diamond face shape goes well with rounded glasses

Very careful with them! Even though you are looking good, wearing a mini skirt or midriffs will draw attention to your age. In attempting to look younger, you will be considered older.

My advice:
Better use the slimmest part of your knee as a guideline to know where the hemline of your skirt should be. That way you will look younger and slimmer!

Inappropriate mini skirt

Even though they are very elegant and charming having one can age you if it’s not worn properly.

My advice:
The size: Depends on your hairstyle, the smaller the volume of your hair is, the smaller the size of the fascinator.
The shape: Should be the opposite shape of your face shape.

Good examples

Platform/chunky heels
By wearing the platform/chunky heels you don’t only look older, but also lager since they visually add weight to your lower body.

My advice:
Better wear high heels with a pointed toe, they will give you a slimmer and younger appearance.
Also, try to avoid high heels with a strap around the ankle, your legs will look shorter with them.

Better chose high heels with pointed toe

Unstylish sensible shoes
Sometimes sensible shoes lack in the style which means they are outdated and clunky even though they are extremely comfortable.

My advice:
Look for a pair that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. This pair will freshen up your entire look.

Stylish sensible shoes

Mixing prints and colours
Ladies tend to look younger and then they try to follow the current trends and to look fresh and “crazy“ young but then they end up being seen as a person that is too old. Avoid mixing too many styles in one outfit, or too big wordings.

My advice:
Do short research what is trending for a lady your age.
If you are mixing prints be sure they are in the same colour –steam and complementary in style.

Too many prints make you look older

Dear all, I hope this will help you in achieving a younger and slimmer look! Do you have any other points of interest regarding this topic? Please share with me!

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