One scarf is all you need!

Dear ladies, it’s said that Queen Nefertiti from ancient Egypt was the first to wear a scarf, nowadays every lady can adorn her look with this precious accessory. Are you curious about how can you use one scarf to enhance your style? Please take your scarf and follow me!

Queen Nefertiti wears a silk scarf under a headdress.

What will you need?

We are going to use:
-one scarf, size 90*90 cm
-one bag
-one hat
-one dress
-one ring

Style 1: Turban

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle
2. Drape the pointy end of the scarf in the front of your head
3. Grape both ends of the scarf and bring them to the front
4. Tie the knot in front of your head
5. Take the loose ends and bring them to the back and double knot them
6. Tuck the knot underneath the turban
7. Now, try to tuck in the middle part, forming a beautiful shape

Style 2: Hat wrap

1. Take a hat that doesn’t have any details on it
2. Start folding the scarf from one end until you reach the opposite one
3. Drape the scarf around your hat, make sure both ends are even
4. Make a knot with both ends, then make a ribbon
5. Tighten it and adjust it as you wish

Style 3: Hair

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle, keep folding it to the centre
2. Wrap your head with it, bring two ends to the top of your head
3. Make two knots to fix the scarf
4. Braid rest length of the two ends into each side

Style 4: Buckaroo knot

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle, keep folding it to the centre
2. Drape the scarf around your neck
3. Cross one end over the other
4. Fold it back up on itself
5. Make a folded end
6. Bring the second end over the folded end and take it round behind
7. Tuck it through the loop
8. Tighten the knot gently

Style 5: The scarf shawl

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle
2. Wrap it around your shoulders
3. Tie both ends together and secure the knot
4. To glam up the look, use a ring

Style 6: The scarf top

1. Take two ends and form a knot, leave some space so you can wrap it around your neck
2. Take the bottom ends, bring them behind you and secure it

Style 7: The Belt

1. Wear some pants or a dress that can have a belt
2. Instead of a belt use scarf and pull it through the holes
3. Create a knot at the end

Style 8: The rose scarf

1. Grab one of the ends and fold it toward the cente, do the same with the opposite end
2. Tie those 2 ends together, double knot
3. Take one of the ends and slide it under the knot, meeting the other end of a scarf
4. Make sure the edges are matching, forming a triangLe
5. Separate 2 ends and wrap them around each other
6. Grab the end that is closer to the knot and only slip that end to another side
7. Gently pull the ends away from each other until they create a rose
8. Grab any bag and tie the scarf on a strap

Dear ladies, try out different styles and tell us which one is your favourite? Take a photo and send us, we’d like to see it!

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