Dear ladies and gentlemen, spring is coming soon which also means more seasonal and fresh fruits. Do you know how to eat certain fruits in high-end restaurants or during a formal dinner? Let’s review together!

I. Cherry

Cherries are a small stoned fruit, how would you eat it? Take one by the stem, put it in your mouth and spit the stone out? Most of you agree that is not an elegant way to eat cherries.

How to eat

1. Use you spoon to take one cherry

2. Place entirely the fruit in your mouth and clean the pit as much as possible

3. Use again your spoon to take out the pit, while you do that, use your free hand to cover your mouth

4. Discard the pit on your plate.

II. Banana

If you have a banana served to you during a formal occasion, how would you eat it? Will grab it with your hands, peel off the skin and put it in your mouth? This behavior, if you were back to the 19th century is considered as “the monkey way”, worth for savages and very impolite.

How to eat

1. Cut off the two ends of the banana

2. Use the fork to press the banana softly, with your knife you will open only the skin from one end to the other

3. Use your fork and knife to peel off the skin to the sides, put the ends of the fruit in the skin

4. Cut and eat in small pieces

III. Watermelon

Do you take one slice of watermelon and bite on it? During any formal occasions, if watermelon is served, it won’t be as a slice but rather cubed or in pieces without the skin.

How to eat

1. Use your fork to cut a bite sized piece

2. Bring it to your mouth. Small bites of watermelon at a time

3. If you want to get rid of the seeds, just use the tines of your fork to pull them out and leave it on the side of your plate

4. Then again if necessary cut a small piece before eating.

IV. Mango

The mango skin is really thick making it inedible. The mango can be presented to you already cubed, in that case just use your fork to take a piece and eat it. If the mango is presented to you as a whole, you can try the checkboard method.

How to eat

1. Start by trimming a small piece from the top part of the fruit so you can keep it steady

2. Then cut two large slices along the pit and cut all the way round

3. To create the checkboard, cut some lines from one side to the other and then some lines equally space going the opposite direction. The slices should be deep but without cutting through the skin

4. To eat the fruit, cut the cubes away from the peel

V. Kiwi fruit

Some people can eat the skin of the kiwi but it can be a little bit irritating. Another simple way to eat kiwi would be to cut the fruit in half and then scoop out the flesh with a spoon, but there is a third method, more elegant to eat it.

How to eat

1. Trim off both ends of the kiwi

2. You can use a pairing knife or a spoon to peel off the skin (insert the spoon under the skin and turn)

3. Slice the kiwi fruit and enjoy

VI. Grapefruit

You are having a grapefruit at the table, how should you eat it? You might want to peel the skin off with your hands but it is thicker than the orange skin. In this case, using a knife is ideal as it will take off most of the pith (the bitter white part) and it is also a more gracious solution.

How to eat

1. Cut the bottom part of the grapefruit to keep it steady

2. Hold the top of the fruit with your fork and with the knife start making a cut on the skin from top to down deep enough so you can peel off the pith easier, 1 cm away from the top piece and repeat the gesture all around the grapefruit

3. Pull the skin away from the flesh using your knife

4. Cut small pieces before eating

Dear all now you are all set to enjoy your next meal! Are there any other fruits you are confused with and don’t know how to eat elegantly? Please share with us!

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