Dear Ladies (and curious Gentlemen), a woman’s mouth is one of the most expressive part of the face. Thus it is important to know how to embellish it by respecting the features and the skin tone of each woman. I propose to review some obvious rules, but please share your beauty secrets with us!

By colour

If you have a very white skin: you have a large range of choice. Simply be ware of colours that may be too strong and too visible on you. For instance, if you have an intense red be sure not to have shiny earrings or heavy make-up on the eyes.

An intense red be sure not to have shiny earrings or heavy make-up on the eyes

If you have a yellowish skin: your lipstick should have golden / olive tones to match your skin complexion, or you may look sick. A burgundy or brick-red lipstick are good ideas. Be careful, pearly-lustre lipsticks are not compatible with yellowish skin tones.

Cameo brown

Beware, be cautious when choosing an orange-tune lipstick if your teeth are not shiningly white.

In comparison,the teeth seem not shiningly white with orange lipstick

By type

Matte: Generally, it is a kind of dry texture with high saturation, and last long on lips;

Glaze: a lip gloss with liquid texture and last shorter. However new types of lipstick have been created, which perform nice simultaneously on colour, moisture condition and long-lasting.

When choosing different types of lipstick, you should firstly match it with the foundation.

With a matte foundation: then you need to pair it with a matte lipstick, no glaze.


With a light foundation: you may adjust the glaze on your lips depending on the effect wished

Light fondation with glaze lipstick

If your skin is under bad condition: that is to say, with obvious pores and marks, a shinny lipgloss will make it look the skin look even more rough. Use a matte or satin one instead.

If your lips are so dry that they become flaky, apply lip balm to them 5 minutes before you put on any lipsticks, or simply use a lips mask. But remember to wipe it off before putting on lipsticks, or the colour may not spread nicely. Among all types of lipstick, the “satin”,”cream” ones are the most widely-adapted.

By occasion

Formal occasions: Business, work, elegant events, in these cases you want to attract attention on your personality and intelligence, not on your make-up. Avoid glazing lipstick and too intense colours. Rather pick matte and conventional colours such as red, pink if not shiny etc.

Casual occasions and daily life: Here you have more freedom. Rather pick light and glazing colours during day time, darker and matte during evenings.

Lunch and dinner: If you know you will attend a meeting during which you have to drink at a glass just put a light lipstick, the marks you may leave will not be too visible.

Generally speaking, glossy lips are the symbol of youth, matte of seriousness. Adjust according to the effect you want to give!

Here are a few tips, but I am impatient to read yours. How do you pick your lipstick?

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