Do you know what should be the correct heel height in regard to body your proportions? In order to make you feel both comfortable and elegant? We invite our deportment teacher based in France, Madame Nina Pico, to answer this question!

It is believed that a woman looks more elegant and attractive when she wears shoes with high heels. The fashion industry comes up with plenty of different types of women’s shoes in order to maximize the attractiveness of the female walk! But not all shoes can promote the development of grace and ease while walking.

For example, shoes with high heels of 12-15 cm look on legs quite provocative and emphasize mostly woman’s sexual aspect. On such heels it is difficult to keep a straight posture, move smoothly and legs quickly get tired.

The Golden Ratio

In order to determine your ideal heel height, there is a special formula of the Golden Ratio : 1,618.

The Eiffel Tower is also constructed on the basis of golden ratio

Let’s try together to calculate the ideal length of high heels, as well as the maximum optimal heel height exactly for you. Thus, we’ll get options for choosing proper and comfortable shoes for daily use and for special occasions.

Your ideal heel height

Measure your height (you can draw a mark on a wall). Then measure distance from the tip of your head (or the mark) to your belly button. Multiply this number by 1,618.

For example: your height is 167cm, and the distance from the belly button to the top of your head is 65 cm.

1. Then:65 cm * 1.618 = 105 cm. 105 cm is the perfect length of the legs, based on Golden ratio.

2. After that,105 cm + 65 cm = 170 cm. 170 cm is the ideal height, based on Golden ratio.

3. And now from your ideal height subtract your real height:170 cm – 167 cm = 3 cm. 3 cm is the perfect heel height in this case!

This heel height perfectly aligns your body proportions and makes you feel very comfortable. It relaxes your spine and whole body, your legs don’t get tired and you are naturally moving your hips. Your walk becomes floating and very graceful!

Correct posture allows your energy to flow evenly throughout the body, and this, in turn, helps restore the correct function of all organs, which directly affects your health. Such heel height would be perfect for every day use!

Your maximum optimal height

We measure the foot and divide the number in half. After that, 1/2 of your foot size is divided by 1.618.

For example: shoe size of 38 = 24.5 cm of foot size.

24.5/ 2 = 12.25 cm
12.25/ 1.618 = 7.5 cm

7.5 cm is the maximum optimal heel height for you. It can be used for special occasions, but not for a daily use.

In conclusion, I would like to say that beauty and elegance are primarily a natural manifestation of female nature. Our beauty depends on the state of our health. Therefore, before chasing the fleeting fashion trends, it would be better to think about what would not only be beautiful for us, but also useful for our health!

Stay beautiful, elegant and healthy!

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