Dear ladies, I am sure you all have high-heels at home. Indeed, high-heels would give you a more feminine touch on your whole attire. Today, we are going to review the etiquette for high-heels: proper height for different occasions, and proper seated postures for different heights. This would be the very first step towards elegance, are you ready?


When: 2cm to 3cm is the most comfortable height,you won’t feel tired even if you need to walk a lot. It is naturally the favourite height for daily activities: working, going shopping, etc. It gives a feminine touch for both social and business circumstances, but remains proper, serious.

Legs position: With this height, you could have a lot of possiblities when seated. One of the postures you could do is to cross at your ankle, your feet should be parallel.Or you could just put your feet together, just remember to put your legs a little bit in front to make them look longer.


When: 4 to 7cm is the medium height, it gives femininity and elegance. It helps to lengthen yourbody and legs but not at a sexy level. This is why this height is proper for almost any occasions: outings, parties, business meetings, etc. I would also recommend this height for outdoor weddings as there would usually be a little moving around, socializing, but not too much walking that would make your feet hurt.

Legs position: Here I recommend you to have the calves crossing posture. This posture break the line of your calves and make them look thinner and longer. You should also leave the leg in front straight. Your back leg should be slightly crooked, but don’t put your knees apart.


When:8cm to 10cm will show your feminine shape perfectly, plus a little sexy. It is the highest you could choose for social or professional activities. You may walk or stand but not too much: you can not spend your days running meetings after meetings. You should have limited movements, rather have seated moments.

Lady Obama should cross the other leg to attenuate the shape of her thigh.

Legs position: You should turn your body either on the left or on the right, facing the person in front of you from 1/3. Then cross your legs on the knees level depending on the side: always place the leg from the back on the front leg (your thigh will look too big if you do the contrary). Always keep the legs together, not wide apart, rather in front of the knees and the feet parallel.

Our deportment teacher Svetlana

Over 11cm

When:High-heels over 11cm are only for models doing presentations or for performers. With this height, the shape of your hip will be more explicit, your legs will look very long–it is a height of sexy. Avoid it for social or business activities.

Ladies, hope this article will give you some inspirations and help you to choose the perfect heels for each occasion!

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