Dear ladies, summer is already here. I am sure you are looking forward to go to the beach, but do you know your body shape and which swimsuit comes along with it? Follow me to find your perfect swimsuit for this summer!

Which body type are you?

Inverted triangle
Your shoulders are wider than your waistline and hipline? You should be inverted triangle shaped.

Your goal: focus the attention on your legs and hips in order to balance your body shape.

My advices: your ideal swimsuit will have to enhance your legs and hips. Therefore, you can choose a low-leg style bikini in order to broaden your hips or a high-waisted bottom to accentuate your waistline.

If you have beautiful legs, you must definitely go for a high-cut one-piece. This kind of swimsuit will enhance your legs and create the illusion of hourglass shape.
You may get some inspiration from Naomi Campbell or Cheng Lisha for example.

Rectangle morphology
Your shoulders, waistline and hipline are about the same size? Then, you must be rectangle-shaped!

Your goal: create the illusion of defined curves and waistline.

My advices: choose a padded bikini because it will enhance your breast and make it look bigger. You can also go for a swimsuit with ties on the bottom part thus to create wider hips and give the illusion of a thinner waistline.

Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow or even Nicole Kidman have this type of morphology, therefore you can get inspired by their styles!

Hourglass morphology
Your hips and shoulders are about the same size, but your waistline is a lot smaller? You are definitely hourglass-shaped!

Your goal: show your feminine curves, lucky you!

My advices: there are so many options offered to you, you can wear any type of swimsuit! Indeed, any type of leg cut or neckline will suit you. You can choose some printed swimsuit for a joyful summer.

If you are more comfortable with a one-piece swimsuit, you should choose one very colourful: it’s summer!I advise you to avoid large garments, it will accentuate your body shape and it is not very elegant. If you want a better lift and support, you should get a bikini with higher straps.
Sofía Vergara, Zhang Ziyi or even Kim Kardashian have this kind of body shape, you can definitely check their styles!

Pear body shape
Are your hips wider than your shoulders and waistline? You are definitely pear-shaped then.

Your goal: emphasize your top half and to draw the attention away from your hips.

My advices: to elongate your legs, you should wear a higher cut swimsuit because it will create the illusion of thinner and longer legs.
If you want to draw the attention away from your hips, you should wear dark colours on the bottom.

Finally, if you wish to have a colourful swimsuit, I advise you to wear bright colours on the top part. Indeed, it will create the illusion of an intensified breast.
You can take ideas from Rihanna’s or Cheryl Burke’s style.

Apple body shape
Your shoulders and hips are about the same size? Your waistline is about the same size or wider than your shoulders and hipline? Therefore, you are apple-shaped!

Your goal: emphasize your chest and to draw the attention away from your belly.

My advices: choose a swimsuit with vertical line thus will elongate your body shape. I recommend you to not choose a swimsuit with horizontal lines because it can create the illusion of a wider body.
I also recommend you to choose a V-neckline swimsuit because it will enhance your breast and draw the attention away from your belly.
If you are not really confident with your belly, I advise you to wear a long tankini or one-piece bathing suit with over-the-shoulder straps and you should choose solid colours on neutral dark background。

Lisa Rinna and Elizabeth Hurley have also this body shape, you can check their styles!

Dear ladies, I hope this helps you to find your next swimsuit. Do you want to know more about beach etiquette? Let us know!