Dear ladies, I am sure you have few pairs of glasses, but do you have the proper ones? Let’s first get to know possible frame styles which you can apply according to your face shape for achieving the most glamourous look. Take a mirror please!

Step 1: Which frame style do you have now?

Remember the name of the style because now we’ll discover your face shape and the style that goes along!

Step 2: What face shape do you have?

Round face shape

You have feminine, soft, contoured features? Your face height and width are almost equal with less defined angles? Then you must have lovely round face shape!

Your goal: You want to achieve a longer, slimmer and sharper face look.
My advice: Look for geometric shapes (horizontal frames), emphasizing sharp angular lines.
Frame style: rectangle, square, wrap, shield-shaped shades.

Heart face shape

You have a narrow chin and broader brow? Then you have the fabulous heart face shape!
Your goal: You want to elongate your face and to direct the attention downward in order to even out your face proportion.
Frame style: shield, butterfly, aviator, rimless styles.
My advice: Look for frames with thin temples, frames with exaggerated bottoms and light coloured frames.

Oval face shape

Your face is gently rounded with even features: you’re a lucky lady with oval-shaped face!
Your goal: You want to balance an oval face’s vertical.
My advice: Even though your face shape allows you to pull off any style better go with the rectangle frame.
Frame style: any style will look beautiful.

Square face shape

You have a strong jaw line with a prominent forehead? Then you have a splendid square shaped face!
Your goal: You want to round out the sharpness of the face and create a more balanced look.
My advice: Better go with curvier frames to accentuate your eyes and to reduce the sharpness of your jaw line.
Frame style: Round, oval, cat eye, butterfly, semi-rimless frames.

Diamond face shape

Narrow jaw line and forehead with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face? Congrats, you have diamond-shaped face!
Your goal: You need the sunglasses to compliment your wide or high cheekbones.
My advice: Find a frame that is not wider than yours cheekbones.
Frame style: Oval and rimless frames look most flattering.

Long face shape

Long and narrow face with few angles? You have a flattering long (oblong) face shape!
Your goal: You want to sharp those soft features.
My advice: You must avoid small frames. Better go with larger lenses and with thick frames, it will add width to your long face. Also shades with tall or deep lenses will give your face sharper appereance.
Frame style: wrap, shield, square, wayfarer, rectangle styles.

Step 3: Let’s review & check!

Dear ladies, I hope now you know better how to achieve the most elegant and suitable look while wearing sunglasses!
Let us know in the comments if you already have a frame style but wondering if it is suitable for your face shape !

Dear ladies, what do you think about this photo, are these sunglasses good for her or not? Why? Just share your points with us~