Dear ladies, I am sure at least once in your life you had some misfortune when wearing heels. How to avoid falling when wearing a long dress? How not to get your heel stuck somewhere? How to walk down the stairs? Grab one pair and follow me today!

Scenario 1: Walking in a long dress

Moon So Ri before the fall

One moment you are posing, looking gorgeous. Next moment you are on the ground!

How to prevent?

1. Make short steps – That way you are more in the control of your movement, balance and dress.

2. Walk with enthusiasm- when walking , try to gentle swing your leg in front, that will raise the hem of the dress (like you are kicking the hem)

3. With one hand hold and raise one side of the dress- That way you will have space to put your foot at without stepping on the dress.

Scenario 2: Riding escalators when wearing high heels

Escalators can be found almost everywhere, it looks like a simple activity but can actually break your high heel and leave you without your favourite pair.

How to prevent?

Here you can have 2 options:
1.Sole contact: Let your heel to be in the air while the sole is on the stair. That way it can’t be stuck. Better hold the handrail for the right balance.

2.Step with your sole and heel: Make sure your hill doesn’t get into the hole, this one can be tricky because you have to match it with the surface.

Please be careful as well if you have a long dress, it can also be stuck, raise the hem so it isn’t touching the escalators.

Scenario 3: Walking up & down the stairs

When walking up & down the stairs we shouldn’t look where are we stepping, it should look as natural and elegant like we are normally walking.

The first rule is to maintain a good posture. Head parallel with the ground, shoulders back and down, belly in. If heaving railings use them as a support, if not walk slowly or ask someone to help you by holding a hand.

Walking up

1.Sole & heel contact – place the heel and sole at the same time on each stair, in the middle of each.

2.Sole contact – only the sole touches the stairs, while the heel stays parallel in the air.

Try on both styles and see which one makes you feel more confident.

Walking down

1.Put the entire foot before shifting your weight on it.

2.If wearing a narrow skirt, put both feet on each step as you walk down, in another situation you can one-step. Same stands for going up the stairs.
3.If the stairs are narrow, tilt your feet on one side.

Don’t lean your hand on the wall, use the handrail.

Scenario 4: Entering & Exiting the car

There is a simple thing, when you have to elegantly enter and exit a car: imagine you are a mermaid! Keep your knees together.

Princess Diana exiting in the wrong way, by losing her balance she has to hold the door.

When entering the car bend your knees slightly and slide in backside first. Keep your knees pressed together as you lift them into the car and swing them around to the front.

To exit, twist slightly towards the door with your knees pressed and swing your legs down onto the ground. Once you feel that the sole is touching the ground stand up.

This way you have a full balance which prevents you from falling in high heels, also it helps in keeping your dignity when wearing a skirt.

Scenario 5: Dancing in high heels

You planned a perfect night out in your charming outfit? Are you sure you can dance like a lady in those high heels?

Follow these tips for a more pleasant night:
1.Stretch before you strap on your high heels – This prepares your feet, thigh and calves for dancing.

2.Choose wisely your high heels. Those with a thicker heel are more stable and confident for dancing.
3.Your posture – shoulders back and down, pull your core in and up. This will reduce the pressure from your knees.

Dear ladies, please let us know by voting which scenario helped you the most!
And is there some other scenario you are interested in? Please leave a message and let us know.