Dear ladies and gentlemen, time flies very fast and unfortunately none of us is getting younger – our face can reveal our actual age. Therefore, today I am sharing with you a few exercises to have a slimmer and youthful face!

First, let’s warm-up

Sit down and hold your back straight. Sing vowels A, E, I, O until you feel your entire face is warm.


While doing the following exercises focus only on mentioned areas, other areas should remain smooth. If some exercise is causing you pain better not to do it anymore.

Miona at the moment & Miona in 40 years if she doesn’t do exercises.

Exercise 1: Neck rejuvenation

As we age our muscles become weaker causing the skin on the neck and jawline to sag.

Tilt your head back, looking at the ceiling.
Press your tongue into the root of your mouth.
Keep your tongue pressed and return your head to the natural position
Release your tongue and relax for 10 sec.
Do the exercise for 10 times.

Benefits: It will tighten up your neck and give the slimmer and younger appearance, the double chin will be forgotten.

Exercise 2: Lower lip lift

Over time, our main face features are falling, one of them is our lips.

Sit down and tilt your head back.
Stick out your lower lip upward, like you want to reach the ceiling. Hold for 10 sec.
Take 5 -sec break and do it again.
Benefits: By doing this exercise you get more defined and higher cheekbones and jawline, also it gives you fresh and toned appearance.

Exercise 3: Lifting with a spoon

Our smile is important feature that we carry through our life, smiling muscles should be in good shape, they are also connected with our cheekbones.

Take one spoon and place the handle in your mouth, between the lips.
Raise the spoon upward, smile and hold like that for 10 seconds.
Relax your muscles, the spoon goes to the former position, rest for 10 sec.
Repeat steps 2 & 3 for 10 times.

Benefits: Naturally lifting your cheekbones and smoothing out the laugh lines. Also can strengthen the neck muscles.

Exercise 4: Chubby cheeks removal

Are your cheeks too fluffy, big or loosen? You should rejuvenate & reshape them!

Pretend that you want to send a kiss or kiss someone
Blow a hundred kisses without making a break.

Benefits: It will activate your muscles in the cheek zone by forming the visible cheek lines with losing the fat.

Exercise 5: Crows feet elimination

Everyone has crows feet, this exercise will help you to erase them when your face is at rest, when smiling you will still have them.

Place your index and middle fingers at the bottom of your eyes. Pull your eyes gently up a bit, but don’t stretch.
Start to close & open your eyes. You are just moving your eyelids.
Do 50 repetitions.

Be gentle with this area
Benefits: Building the muscle at the corners of our eyes which leads to stretching of the skin and those small wrinkles will disappear.

Exercise 6: Eyebrow lift

The skin on your forehead can sag and wrinkle causing your eyebrows to drift lower and lower.


Place your index fingers between your eyebrow and eyelid
Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and pull the skin bellow the eyebrow downward at the same time.

Benefits: It slows down eyebrow sagging and reduces forehead wrinkles.

All these exercises can be done either in the morning or evening, 6 or 7 days a week. However, we are suggesting for better results to be done in the morning.
For the first results, you will have to be persistent for one month. The more you exercise the slimmer and younger you will look!

Dear all, try on these exercises and let us know your results after 4 weeks. 15 minutes a day is nothing comparing to what you can achieve! Let us know if you have further questions!