In high-end social gatherings, there are always some tricky situations when you wonder yourself: “What should I do now?” Of course, you don’t want to disgrace yourself and let others comment you. Let me release you from some doubts with the following faux pas that definitely should be avoided when drinking beverages.

I left a lipstick /food mark on the glass, what should I do?

It would be a shame to have a messy glass in front of you no matter if you are a refined lady or gentlemen. Here is how to handle this situation.

To avoid
1. When you leave the mark, don’t take your napkin and polish the glass, that’s a waiter’s job before serving the glass.

2. Also, don’t just leave the mark for the entire night, it’s very tasteless.
3. Is it okay to ask the waiter every time to replace your glass? Absolutely not!

To do
1. Dab your mouth before drinking for the first time, to remove the surplus lipstick/food.

You had your first sip but you still left the mark:
1. Lower the glass at the belly level while having a conversation, or having eye contact with other dinner participants.
2. Without looking at, discreetly erase the mark with your thumb.

3. Return the glass onto the table.

4. Clean your thumb in your napkin and continue enjoying your dinner.

Don’t decide anymore not to apply lipstick when drinking!

My tea is ready, but what should I do with a tea bag?

These days you may quite often find yourself served with a glass of hot water and tea bag. For the correct etiquette do/avoid the following.

To avoid
1. If you place the bag in your teacup and you don’t remove it at all, over-steeping tea can make the tea taste bitter and has an astringent effect in the mouth, leaving you feeling dry and pucker. Also, it may bring stains on your cup or teeth!
2. Don’t pick up the bag by its string and jiggle it.

3. Avoid removing it without letting it drain, it will flood your saucer.

To do
1. Remove the bag with your spoon and hold it over the cup so it can drain.

2. Wind the string around the bag while it’s on your spoon and squeeze it dry.

3. Place the bag on your saucer, behind your cup.

4. When the tea is served in a mug without a saucer, go ahead and ask for a small dish.

My drink has the garnish, can I eat it?

Usually, you can eat it as long it has the edible parts! Here is how to eat it.

To avoid
1. Tapping the bottom of the glass or frantically trying to fish out a garnish with a straw is simply not acceptable for anyone.

2. Don’t eat lemons and limes because they will destroy your taste buds before your next drink.

To do
1. Eat your garnish after you have drunk your beverage.

2. Inedible portions of garnish should be placed onto its cocktail napkin, in the absence of it, place them into the glass or your bread plate. But never onto the bare tabletop!

Dear all, these summer tips will help you present yourself as gracious, polished and refined at any social gathering. Do you have any other tricky questions for us? Please share with us!

Quiz question
If your glass is wet from the ice melting on a hot summer day and you don’t want to wet your hand as well- what will you do?