Dear ladies, French chic is the effortless elegance style, guided by a less-is-more approach. To achieve this timeless feminine style besides having the elegant attitude you have to dress accordingly and actually to put effort into it. Here’s our guide to 10 essential garments you have to have in your wardrobe to build up this style!

10 essential garments

A French woman always prefers quality over quantity, have that in your mind for the next shopping day. Here’s the list of the items you must have in your wardrobe to achieve this Un « je ne sais quoi » look.

1. Black dress

It can be a different style but it should be all in black and the one that enhances your very best look. You can use accent colours like red and pink for the details to boost the look.

Combination red lipstick & red nails is very common for French ladies.

Eva Green always having the red lipstick & manicure & pedicure

2. Blazer

Elegant blazer is always a safe choice to cover your arms and to add a finishing touch. It can be a bit oversized but not too much, better go for well-fitting one.

For flattering look, you can have details on the blazer.

However, if you have e.g. silver embroidery on the blazer, match silver jewellery with it (don’t mix colours in your jewellery).

3. The squares

Oh là là!! Perfect item for breaking the monotony! Every French woman has at least 1 silky square, it’s been a symbol of elegance over the last century.

Audrey Hepburn wearing a square in old-fashioned way around the head.

Nowadays, French women will tie squares around wrists or head.

4. Black high heels

Rocket high stilettos that elongate your body will always help you to look gorgeous!

Actually stiletto high heels were widely popularized by French people.

Brigitte Macron quite often wears stiletto high heels, especially when having official visits.
When wearing cocktail and evening gowns, French women will match the heels with the dress and not with a bag.

5. The tailored pants

Tailored pants are a must, especially the classic-cut, straight or slim leg fit. Having this pair opens you a lot of possibilities for your outfit of the day.

Olga Kurylenko wearing 3 essential items at a time: white shirt, pants and black stilettos
Know which body shape you have and find the flattering pants style. Leave us a comment if you’d like us to write an article on that topic.

6. Big bag

You must have a bag into which you can put everything you have to carry. Wearing multiple bags or plastic bags is a big NO GO!

Leia Sfez, ultra-chic Parisienne
Also, the bag should be matching your shoes in colour and fabric and also the belt.

7. White shirt

It’s worn in formal and informal occasions, but it must fit according to your body shape. For a more elegant appearance, go for a silky shirt.

Usually, French ladies stick to 2 colours for the entire outfit, but no more than 3.

Inès de la Fressange, a style icon

8. A coat

French women tend to use beige, camel, cognac, champagne colours in their look a lot. That’s one of the reasons they have a beige/camel coat years after years in their wardrobe.

Marion Cotillard wears the coat even for gala nights
It can be worn in the autumn and winter as well.

9. Turtle neck sweater/shirt

It looks beautiful and elegant, especially if it’s made from good fabric, such as cashmere.

When choosing a dressing combination, have in mind that French ladies DON’T mix black and brown in their outfit.

Juliette Binoche

10. Dark blue jeans

Jeans are worn only for casual events, however, with a white shirt and an elegant blazer, you can pull out an elegant, effortless look.

If you buy lighter pair of jeans remember that it’s poorer in quality, since the bleaching process damaged the fabric.

Eva Green, the elegant style!

Dear ladies, it’s all about feeling good in your own skin, find your own style and stick to it, that’s what definitely French ladies do! Who is your favourite French style icon? Please share with us!