Dear ladies and gentlemen, we always say everyone is unique and beautiful in her/his own way. However, societies have set beauty standards all over the world. Let’s compare the ideal Chinese and Western lady in the 21st century!

1. The Height

In the western world, ladies do appreciate to be taller (more than 170 cm) but don’t pay too much attention.
Western ladies won’t wear high heels just to look taller, wear also to look more feminine.

The average height of European women is 167.5 cm

In general, Chinese ladies think the perfect height is between the range of 165cm-170cm.
Ladies will like to wear high heels to look taller.

In China, the average height is 155.8 cm.

2. The Body

Hourglass (lots of curves) is the goal!
Having curves is so important. Ladies will spend hours in the gym working on the perfect body! Or can also do plastic surgeries.

Unimportant as long as you are skinny! Having a skinny waist that can fit into A4 paper is considerate as the standard.

3. The Skin

Ladies prefer to be tanned, they will even use solarium to achieve the perfect colour.
White skin is sometimes considered as a sign of poor health.
They use olive oil a lot to keep their skin hydrated and young.

You just have to have perfect pale skin.
They will spend lots of time in nursing their skin, especially the facial skin.
Ladies will try to hide from the sun to maintain the perfect skin.

China has become the world’s second-largest market [after the United States] in the total consumption of cosmetic products

4. The Face

Oval face shape is considered as ideal, however, face shape is not so important as symmetry. To be beautiful, your face features have to be symmetric!
Amber Heard has the World’s Most Beautiful Face because she fits, most closely, the Greek beauty ratio Phi which determines what makes a beautiful face.

Slim `V` shape is the most important.
guāzǐliǎn melon seed face
é’dànliǎn goose egg face
Pointy chin
Cheekbones are acceptable if the jaw isn’t too wide.

Fan Bing Bing has the perfect V-shaped face!

5. The eyebrows

Thick and well-shaped eyebrows are the standard.
Grooming is mandatory: plucking, trimming, waxing, styling is an everyday routine.

Kim Kardashian is considered as an ideal when it comes to eyebrows.

Beautifully arched eyebrows are always one of the most popular eyebrow shapes among Chinese ladies; in recent years, straight eyebrows become the new trend.
Most of the time ladies don’t have naturally thick eyebrows so they will do the micro-blading eyebrows.

6. The Eyes

There is no particular shape but seems that blue eyes are considered more beautiful.
Long eyelashes are preferable, they’ll use fake ones.

Liv Tyler has beautiful blue eyes.

Eyes must be big! Eyes must be big! Almond eye shape AND Archan Wealatap are the most popular ones!
Preferable to have furrows under the eyes; girls will do makeup to emphasis them.
Mono lids are unacceptable, therefore double-folded eyelid is must-have.
Long eyelashes are also desired since their natural ones are very short.

7. The Nose

Small button noses are appreciated, but a stronger profile is also not a bad thing.

Narrow and pointy nose with the high bridge is the nose a lot of woman dream about. Chinese ladies are quite often unhappy because of the look of their nose!

8. The Lips

Large, plump lips, that you can really pout are an attractive and sensuous feature of the face.
A woman will quite often use injections to enhance the lips’ volume.

Small mouth is appreciated even though most of the time they have plump lips by nature that ladies from the west wish for!

9. The Brests

Western ladies like to have bigger size breasts but to also keep the natural look. A lot of ladies will do breast implants to achieve it.

Chinese ladies prefer to have a good size of breasts (B or C, depends). So they could still look slim on the upper body and with small curves to show the feminine shape.

Dear ladies, John Ray once said: “Beauty is power, a smile is its sword.” Do you agree with him: is the beauty the power? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!