Dear ladies& gentlemen, nowadays your emails are like your clothes: it’s your appearance, how people will judge you. Let’s make your email looking like you.

The structure

How it should look like:

We receive many emails each day. This structure helps not to get overwhelmed.

If it’s the 2nd email today to the same person, then go to the point without greetings.

How to avoid to be in Spam?

  • Avoid too many URL link
  • Avoid too many exclamations !!!!!!!!!
  • Avoid messages totally copy-pasted
  • Avoid messages not mentioning the person’s name clearly
  • Avoid too many emoticons and colours
  • Avoid leaving the object as empty

Control your image

If you never met the person, introduce yourself: Name / Title / Company.

Fights, bad news, firing a client or vendor, expressing anger, reprimanding someone, should be avoided. 

Always remember that e-mail correspondence lasts forever. Say it orally.

You’re writing in latin characters? WRITING IN CAPITAL LETERS MEANS SHOUTING

Let’s avoid it in emails as well. Beware not to lock the upper case button.

Nothing private or too confidential. It’s too easy to reach persons you don’t want to read it by forwarding.

Personalise your email. People would feel if you copy-paste emails in the row to get new clients or if you made an effort for them.

What is dangerous for you to do

Having a funny email address:, . 

Rather use your name. It’s boring? Maybe, but better and professional.

Using too many different fonts with too many different colours. 

Use one font and a second colour to accentuate important things. Remain respectfull to the recipient. 

Using too many emojis. 

No more than one at the end, if friendly email. E-mail is different than Wechat.

You should not forget to

  • Add an object to your email. It increases opening rates a lot.
  • Use proper language. You are not talking, avoid slang and oral expressions.
  • Avoid humour: the person isn’t in front of you, high chances to be misunderstood.
  • Write between 10 and 14 font size, black on white. It’s what the brain remembers the best.
  • Go to the point, use bullet points to make it easier to read.
  • Of course answer within 48h!

And you, what kind of etiquette rules would you recommend for email? Please leave us a comment!