Dear ladies and gentlemen: the spring festival is coming, many of us will take the train either to go back home or to travel. However, being excited about our journey is not a reason to lose our good manners! This is why I propose you to review the 9 rules we should always follow when travelling by train. And of course, feel free to leave us your comments!

Queuing to get on

Needless to say, we need to orderly queue in the line. Please keep calm when you see someone is trying to cut in front of everybody. Once we get on, we could offer help to ladies and elders to put their luggage on to the rack.

Beware when getting seated

We should take care when getting seated. If we put the seatback down too much or too fast, there’s a possibility to bother the passenger behind, especially when he is having some food on the tray. Beware also not to invade the space next by. If seated by the aisle, we should pay attention not to stretch our legs to the walking area.

Keeping your voice

It happened to all of us I’m sure: our neighbour is watching a movie or having a phone call without headphone, which get all the people around on their nerves. Silence for all please.

Talking to the neighbour

Our neighbours may not be so interested in talking to us if they are tired! We need to pay special attention when engaging a discussion with them, and stopping it as soon as we feel we are causing annoyance. 

Preparing for the ticket inspection and rubbish collection

The train attendants are doing their jobs. We should be particularly kind to them and treat them with the respect they deserve. Obviously it is not their fault if the train is delayed and they probably don’t know if we will be able to catch up the time or not. Let’s then not be angry with them.

Having good table manners

We also all have experienced it: our neighbour is indulging himself with delicious food, making eating noises and spreading some wastes around. We shall act discreetly when eating in public, and remember to clean the eating area after we finish.

Taking care of your children

Each child is adorable to their parents, but it won’t be the same to people seated nearby. They won’t find it great when your children’s voice is annoying them. So parents should pay special attention to have their child under control.

The toilets

We all agree: going to public toilets is never pleasant. Please keep them clean, with special attention to the floor and sink. We’d better leave them exactly how we would like them to be when we find them. Avoid spending too long in there, for respect to those waiting outside.

Don’t rush to leave the train

Yes, we all want to leave as soon as possible and enjoy our arrival. But in case we forget anything, please have a last look at our seat. Then we may walk quietly in line towards the door, without rushing.

We arrived! Now it’s time to enjoy our holidays! I wish you the best and look forward to finding you back!