Dear ladies and gentlemen, when you take a plane, the flight attendants and stewards are always smiling, and are at your disposal for the duration of the flight. But this is not a reason to forget basic politeness! We propose you to review the behaviour you should absolutely avoid in a plane.

Place small objects on the luggage racks above your head

Smalls bags and items would fit under the seat in front of you, that way you keep space on the racks for big suitcases.

Make requests as soon as you board

Boarding is one of the most stressful moment for the staff on board. Let them take care of the safety checks before bothering them for a glass of water, a blanket or because your screen does not work. 

Do not remove your headphones

Better to remove them when it’s your turn to be served soon. This will avoid wasting time because you have not heard the question “beef or chicken?”

Ask “what is on the menu”

Pay attention to the announcement about the drinks at the beginning of the flight. Just choose what you want when you’re served. The on-board staffs do not have enough time to list all the drinks.

Do not specify how you take your coffee

If you want sugar, milk or cream, say so. This will prevent the hostess from asking hundreds times the same question.

Having inappropriate requests

If the hostess are serving the meal, don’t ask them to bring you something else. Wait a minute please!

Put your feet on the “walls” or on the seat of another passenger

When you feel very comfortable, others feel really uncomfortable.

Touch a staff member or snap fingers to get his attention

You’d better to say ‘Excuse me madam (or sir)…’

Stand up to use the toilet when the “fasten seat belt” signal light is on

You should be able to wait a little longer for your own and everyone’s safety.

To cut nails

We should do that before we leave our home.

Visit crew kitchen

This space is reserved for the flight attendants to prepare the meals and is not intended for the passengers.

Charge the crew with “no need”

The flight is late or cancelled. But probably not the fault of these gentlemen and ladies.

Determine that the crew should know everything

At most, hostesses and stewards know 5% of everything the pilot knows. They do not know if it’s going to be nice on the spot, why the plane is taking another route, or if it’s possible to land earlier than expected.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we hope this article make you know more about the plane etiquette and become more distinguished and sophisticated. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, welcome to contact us or comment our articles.