Dear ladies and gentlemen,I would like to share with you my opinion about what we should expect from an experience at a luxury hotel. Of course, there are the obvious points like the spa, the concierge, but let’s focus on what would make the difference. And please give me also your opinion!

The welcoming experience

Your arrival at the hotel has to be a magic moment of your stay, a real experience. At the Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay, I went out of my car and started a dream: a dozen of smiling people around you, passing a flower necklace around your neck, offering you exotic food and drinks within the first 30 seconds of your arrival. Great memories!

The Ritz-Carlton Sanya,Yalong Bay

A flawless check-in

You will agree with me: you don’t want to waste your time queuing in a line. The faster the better. People should already call you by your name, know what you have ordered, for how many people. The best: when they propose you to go through the check-in not at the counter, but while you enjoy a drink at the restaurant, or even better, when you’re already in your room. 

A recognizable design

A luxury hotel is also a place of wonders, no matter where our eyes are looking we see beauty. You may expect art pieces displayed in the main spaces, and even a strong graphic identity. I have been impressed by the design of the Temple House Chengdu, so modern, such an exquisite style!

The Temple House

Friendly and polite

Politeness has to be an automatism. Everyone you meet from the hotel, from the General Manager to the Ayi cleaning the floor, should greet you with a “Good morning / afternoon / evening Sir / Madam”. With a smile and a good eye contact of course. I know it may be tiring, but try to greet them back as much as you can.

Impeccable grooming

No greasy hair, well combed, attached if long for ladies. The face is not oily, clean, shaved for gentlemen, teeth clean, light make-up for ladies, nails are cut short and without extravagant colour. Jewellery may be worn, but not visible (excepting wedding ring), and in reasonable number.

Elegant deportment

I pay special attention to the way people working at the hotel are standing, walking, seated, and speaking. They should represent the excellence of the house, show the perfect behaviour of a lady or gentleman. No private jokes between colleagues in front of guests, no bored face, no game on the phone!

The elegant postures of butler team, the Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay

Appropriate outfit

Time has changed, in my opinion it’s not longer mandatory for people working in hospitality to be only wearing suits, the outfit maybe adapted to the spirit of the hotel (like ladies having red jackets in Shangri-La Hotels to match with the Asian identity of the chain). But still collars have to be impeccable, outfits without spots, without creases, shirts clean, tights without holes, leather shoes well waxed etc.

The red uniform in Shangri-La Hotels 

Personalised service

A luxury hotel should adapt its service to your taste, and have special customised attention for you. I was staying at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial street, on Bastille day (14th July). I had the great pleasure to receive some French macarons in my room, with a French flag and a note written in French. How delicate!

The warm welcome from the Ritz-Carlton Beijing,Financial Street

Privacy and silence

Staying in a luxury hotel is like a second home. Once in your room, no noise from the outside shall disturb you. And you shall not be bothered at any time – once it happened to me to be woken up by an Ayi who wanted to clean my room at 7h45 in the morning! 

Anticipating your wishes

This has to be the specificity of a luxury hotel: knowing your wishes even before you. Once I stayed in Tianjin St-Regis, and our etiquette classes was ending up late, so there was a chance I miss my flight in the evening. But, once my class was done the people at the hotel had already done my check-out, prepared my bills, booked me a taxi, and even had a dinner box for me to bring!

Your departure

Just like your arrival has been a dream, your departure should also be memorable, with people greeting you, waiting with you for your car with their best smile!

And you, what are your best memories at luxury hotels? What did you enjoy the most? Share with us here!