Dear ladies, in the modern urbanistic world, every woman still wants to look feminine and elegant, princesslike/queenlike. Do you know what will help you with this? Clutch bag! And here are many reasons why you should use it.

What is the clutch?

Clutches firstly become popular among queens and courtiers.

The ones that we know today, first surfaced when the famous Coco Chanel received it as a gift. Of course, all the women of that time were jealous of Coco Chanel, and cunning designers began to produce such “purses”.


As you noticed, clutches are the bags that are primarily hand held, slim and small in size.

They are suitable for any daytime or nighttime occasion, you just have to match them with the outfit.

Nighttime clutch
Daytime clutch

Forms of the clutch

A classic clutch does not have a strap at all, you hold it in your hands.

There are clutches with a small strap that dresses like a bracelet.

Lastly, clutches on a long strap, which gives more freedom to action.

What are the advantages of a clutch?

  • Clutch is primarily an accessory. Therefore, its main purpose is to emphasize your style, to enhance you femininity and elegance.
  • With a clutch, you can draw attention to graceful hands or a perfect manicure. And also to exquisite jewelry on your hands.
  • You can cover your decollete with a clutch and feel confident in any uncomfortable situation, as the famous Princess Diana did, every time she got out of the car.
  • When seated, you can place it onto your knees, so the private part remains hidden when wearing a dress or skirt.  
  • A clutch can save you from a handshake if you don’t want to. Just hold your hands on it and the interlocutor won’t bother you.
  • This is also a luxury item. All the stars on the red carpet come with small clutches, often studded with precious stones and trimmed with real gold or silver.
  • This type of bag won’t ruin your posture! Without a strap and heavy bag you won’t tilt your shoulders or feel tired after a while.
  • At social gathering, when holding a glass of champagne, you may hold the clutch underneath the base of your glass so you can freely use other hand for handshakes, etc.
  • The clutch gives confidence. You know that awkward feeling when you don’t know where to attach your hands. It is enough to hold the clutch and your hands won’t be nervous anymore.
  • Space is limited, so it will push you to really pack only essential things, which will save you from overloading and searching for the desired item.

How much does cost the most expensive clutch in the world?

“1000 and 1 Nights” by Mouawad

The clutch is trimmed with 4517 diamonds, of which 105 are yellow, 56 are pink and 4356 are transparent, with a total weight of 381.92 carats.

Dear ladies, would you like to know how to hold this clutch? If yes, please let us know in the comments and we’ll share with you!