Mother’s Day is coming, best wishes to all mothers and mothers-to-be! To make it more special, we prepared several summer fashion clothes matching for your expectant mothers: do you want to be elegant and fashionable during your pregnancy? Let us help you review!

Many women have a cognitive mistake: once you are pregnant and your shape is far away from curvaceous, you can no longer be the charming one for at least 9 months. But a lady should remain elegant at any time even when she is pregnant. Then, how can a pregnant lady be dressed to keep her charming features during summer? 

A shape

At the early stage of pregnancy, many ladies would rather hide the fact that they are pregnant. Then the best choice would be an “A” shape dressing style: with the hem of the dress wide enough to hide your tummy, your hips and your thighs. The wide hems also make it possible that you could wear them through your whole pregnancy period.

Features: the dress starts to widen below the bust line, with large hems but no obvious waist line. It will give you a fashion and young presence for summer.

Advice: the length of the dress should at least reach the knees, with breathable and crisp fabrics.

V collar or braces dress

As you are oversized now, a very common mistake is to wrap yourself up and cover almost every inch of your skin, so nobody will see that you are getting “fat”. However, it could only give you a heavy look for the summer and make you look even bigger than you normally do. Don’t be afraid to choose a V collar or a braces dress, you will then enjoy a refreshing summer!

Features: With big collars, your neck and your collarbone are exposed; with obvious high waist line, your legs look longer. A great choice to highlight your feminine charisma.

Advice: sober colour is preferable, with soft and breathable fabrics.


A lot of pregnant ladies would choose a coat or knitwear to match the whole attire. Needless to say, a coat could enhance the shoulders shape and balance the size of the belly. For those who still have to work, you can choose a flimsy and crisp jacket to have a formal and smart look. You can also match your dress with comfortable knitwear for casual occasions, it will gain you a feminine touch overall.

Advice:Long sleeves or elbow sleeves are preferable; with crisp fabrics you will look smarter in formal or business occasions.


Ladies, you could use accessories to distract people’s attention from your belly. And among all the accessories, belt is the best. You can create the illusion of a waist by wrapping a thin belt over your dress or cardigan just above your belly. The most important is: it can help raise your waist line and make you look taller and slimmer.

Advice:Wrap your belt below the bust line, but don’t make it too tight 

Of course, stay comfortable is on top of the priority list. Wish you all again a “Happy Mother’s Day”! I hope you find this article useful, and feel free to leave us a comment!