Dear ladies, gentlemen and children in the honor of the summer we’d like to share a few ‘hot’ tips on the fun and tasty protocol of ice cream etiquette! Here are 14 sharp answers to your questions!

1. Do I use a knife, fork or spoon?

Knife: We use it when we eat certain types of ice cream dishes, e.g. ice cream cake. We use it to cut and serve the dessert.

Fork: When ice cream is served on a plate, e.g. ice cream roll you can eat it with a dessert fork.

If it’s served with a cake or pie, then you should also use a dessert spoon: the fork to hold the cake portion and the spoon to cut and eat.

Spoon: Ice cream served in a bow is eaten with an ice cream spoon.

2. Which spoon is for ice cream?

Ice cream spoon has a rectangular shape, which helps to avoid drips from falling. Its handle can be either short or long.

3. How to prevent ice cream in a cone from dripping?

As soon as you get the ice cream, lick around the sides. You can take the napkin and wrap the cone if it melts faster than you can lick.

Don’t let ice cream to reach your fingers, use a napkin

When licking your ice cream cone, bring the cone up to your mouth as opposed to lowering your head to your cone.

4. Should I lift my pinkie?

Definitely not! You can grasp your cone with 5 fingers, the thumb is facing you while other fingers face others.

5. Should I lick or bite the ice cream?

Here there is no right answer but we suggest you  lick the ice cream and bite the cone. If you bite the ice cream it can cause your teeth to ache.

Lick the ice cream in an upward motion, from cone to the top, after each lick turn the cone a bit so you can reach all sides without tilting your head.

Don’t close your eyes and extend the tongue before the time!

6. How to eat ice cream if I have the lipstick?

Lip products are to be used sparingly before or after consumption, avoid during. However, you can test at home, some lipstick won’t disappear together with your ice cream. If you have a lipstick better go with the one in a bowl!

7. What if I’d like to share ice cream with someone?

Cone: You might want to use spoons then. If you hold the cone be sure that the other person can reach it easily. 

Bowl, plate: Each person should have spoon/fork.

8. What if I am served with more ice cream than the bowl/cone can hold?

You can ask the ice cream seller to provide you with additional bowl/cone and to split the portion. But a better option is to go back for seconds than to heap it over the top.    

It’s too much ice cream for this cone.

9. Can I put my elbow on a table when eating ice cream?

Absolutely not! All the table manners should be followed no matter the dish! 

10. What is a spork  (spoon + fork)?

It’s an American invention and as its name says it’s a spoon (bowl) with 3 tines. Americans use it to enjoy ice cream, in French table manners it’s never used!

11. Should I be sitting or standing while eating?

It’s always better option to be seated. However, you may be also walking, but then you have to take extra care of your posture and licking.

12. Isn’t it wrong to try samples if people are waiting behind you?

Sampling is allowed and encouraged – line or no line. However, some stores may have rules on how many samples you can get. Also, try not to take a too long time on your decision!

13. What can I drink while eating ice cream?

Water, milk…If you’d like to be more creative coffee or wine.If you like coffee or coffee liqueur, ice cream coffee is a great choice! The wine should be sweeter than the dessert otherwise it won’t taste good.

14. What is the most famous ice cream in Paris?

The Parisian most popular glacier is undoubtedly Berthillon, an Île Saint-Louis institution tracing its roots to 1928. They have more than 70 different flavours, from very classical to the most original ones.

Dear all, now you are all set to enjoy your ice cream! Do you have any other question? Let us know in the comments!