Dear ladies and gentlemen, I admit you may consider durians to be exclusively eaten with hands. Right, for casual situations. But what if you are someone with high standards, attending an important event? For sure you want your hands to stay clean. Follow me to find out how.

The ideal way to eat durians for most people is to eat by hands, but how do you want to deal with the “durian smell” on your hands?

In 2019, the Queen of Malaysia, Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, publicly “apologized” for using a spoon and fork to eat durian.

“I am sorry, I have been taught by my grandparents since young to eat durians with fork and spoon so that my hands don’t smell.”

But actually she has not been the only person of high importance to enjoy durian with cutlery. 

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife have also appeared on a photo eating durian with fork and spoon, with the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak on their side.

Important people like them should have their hands remaining clean, for handshakes, documents, any action they may have to unexpectedly start. And also because they shouldn’t be photographed with dirty hands.

They manage that way, why don’t you give a try?

Open the durian

Of course we better do this step in the kitchen, and not on the table among all our guests and friends. The flesh is inside the bumps of the fruit. You should then cut in the middle of them, like on the photo below.

Take a sharp knife, and gloves if you don’t want to get jabbed. Cut the shell, but not too deep in order not to damage the flesh.

Serve the durian

From here we have 2 options:

1. Like the Queen of Malaysia

You serve the durian open on a plate, you simply let the flesh in

Separate flesh&shell

You remove the flesh from the shell and place it beautifully on the plate. Use a spoon and fork.

Try to display the flesh elegantly and beautifully.

2. Eat the durian

Now your Durian is displayed on the plate. This is also how it was served for the Prime Minister in the previous photos.

I agree with them, I think from here the best way to remain both elegant and convenient is to use a fork and a spoon, just like for desserts.

Very simply, pick the flesh with the fork to maintain it down, try to aim at the seed, which will be hard and thus easier to maintain.

Gently use your spoon to take the flesh. And now simply enjoy your Durian !

It’s easy, graceful, and it let your hands clean. Why don’t you give a try ?

Tell me now, what’s the fruit you would like us to show how to eat elegantly next ? Give me a comment !