Dear ladies, you have very often so many questions about high heels: how to choose them, how to look elegant with them etc. Today we propose you a new tutorial about how to walk on high heels. Read it, and then practice at home!

Walking on high heels will let you look taller and slimmer. But it requires some practice. Nothing too complicated, this is why we propose you 8 tips.

1. Preparation

-Start with small heels, and increase the size gradually. Indeed, it is easier to start learning the elegant walk with small heels.

-Rather choose leather shoes. They may cause you blister at the beginning, but the leather will gradually adapt your feet. Suede shoes are also more comfortable.

-Shoes strapping your ankle are also a good option to help you keeping a good balance at the beginning.

2. Learn how to stand

First, try to stand with your heels. It seems easy, but this is a good exercise for working on your body balance.

Stand with the heel of one foot at the middle of the second foot, creating an angle. Practice switching your body weight from one foot to the other to help strengthen the muscles around your feet, ankles and legs.

You can do this while chatting on the phone, watching TV, or cooking etc.

3. Your posture

We have already mentioned in a previous article the importance of body posture while walking .Try to maintain a straight spine, chin parallel to the ground, shoulders down and backwards, stomach in (which will also help you look slimmer). Look straight ahead, not at your feet.

4. From heels to toes

This is a crucial point: even though you’re wearing heels, you should still walk normally as if you were not wearing them, otherwise your deportment will look strange.

Take each step from your heel to your toe, and avoid stepping with your feet flat on the ground like a flamingo! 

5. Your legs and feet

With each step, keep your legs close together. This will help make them look longer and slimmer. Your feet should be straight, and not open towards the outside which would give you bandy legs and the deportment of a cow-boy. I’m sure this isn’t the look you’re going for.

6. Walk straight

This is crucial when walking, whether you’re wearing heels or not. You must walk straight. Doing so immediately creates a beautiful deportment, conveying more confidence and charisma. You have two options. Imagine you’re walking on two lines, with each foot on one line (it works for men as well). Or, imagine you’re walking along one single line: this would allow for more hip movement, letting them sway a little to create a more feminine impression. This is how the top supermodels walk down the runway.

7. Walk slowly, with long strides

An elegant woman is not in a hurry. Walking slower will help you look more elegant, while allowing you to find good balance, control your movements and walk gracefully.

8. Practice at home

Before risking public shame why not try wearing your new heels at home? This will help your feet adapt to your new shoes and gives you enough time to develop an elegant deportment before walking outside.