Dear ladies, being elegant is about the behaviour and the way to interact with others in public areas. We are here to see the rules of the refined Lady. How should you behave to be the most elegant and respectable lady in any situation? I invite you to discover it through my six Tips. 

Inappropriate behaviour

If you wish to sneeze or yawn in a public place, always place your fingers in front of your mouth and most of all avoid any noise. It is better if you can contain yourself and do your best to be as discreet as possible.

Eating in public transport is not elegant or convenient. People don’t wish to see you eating, avoid any smelling food, do not make noise or eat with open mouth. Take time to eat before leaving your place instead of eating something fast and disturbing others. 

Speaking on the phone

We all tend to speak louder when we have a phone discussion. But the truth is that nobody around wishes to hear or take part in your discussion. An elegant lady knows how to be discreet and to maintain a low voice tone even if the topic of the discussion is not pleasant for her. 

If you want to know how high is your voice tone, you can use headphones and keep one out to hear yourself speaking. 

Walking among people

An elegant lady can be in a hurry but this is not a reason to take advantage of people and to push everyone on her passage. You should be able to slalom between people and avoid to touch anyone (even with your handbag).

It is the same idea for getting into a seat, the subway is the best example. Do not push everyone to be the first person to get inside. Patience is a valuable quality for a refined woman.

If you need to take the escalator or any common pathway, avoid disturbing others by staying in their way: stay on the right side on the escalator if you don’t wish to go up the stairs, don’t stop in front of an exit or a door, find a place without crossing point. 

Sitting in the Subway

It is something about we never talk enough, things don’t seem to change. In the subway, it is not convenient to run onto a seat. The elegant lady knows what respect means and is pleased to let her seat to any child, pregnant lady, or old person coming in the metro. It should be a reflex to adopt and it will be more satisfying for you to help other to be comfortable. 

Sleeping or taking a rest in any public area is not worthy of the sophisticated lady. Even if you feel tired, wait some minutes more to be alone to take a nap or close your eyes.

Holding the door

This is not something common because we don’t have the time or don’t think about it, but holding the door to the person coming after you is one of the basic rules of the respectful lady. If you want to be even more elegant and admired, you can as well smile to the person coming after you. Smiling is the key to every good feeling, sharing it helps to feel more confident and glad. 

Being polite

The last point to talk about is politeness. Saying “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Thank you” and other simple but magical words will help you to feel more sophisticated and to be respected by the other. Citizenship is about respect and taking care of people around us. 

Dear ladies, I hope you are now able to behave as the most elegant and respectful lady in the city. If you wish to share any cumbersome situation with us, we will be pleased to help you to improve your comportment in society.