Dear ladies and gentlemen of the 21st century, you all know it, at least once in a lifetime a man will have to wear a suit. It has been proven also that men wearing suits are more successful and end up earning more. Thus, you must all know, no matter your gender, these basics rules. We made it simple for you! Share it if you find it useful!

First common mistake

Easy: you wear a tie, close the last button!

Second common mistake

Then you will wear a jacket, how do you close it?

When do you close it?



How long should be your sleeves?

Faux-pas about accessories

It should not be exactly the same pattern, no matter tie or bow-tie!

Inside the shirt?

What you are wearing inside your shirt should not be exposed.

The last button of the vest?

The last button should be unbuttoned.

How long should be your trousers?

1 crease maximum on your trousers!

The colour of the socks

And you, do you know other mistakes? Send us in comments!

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