Dear ladies and gentlemen, it has been proven by studies: slimmer ladies have a higher chance to be successful, both socially and professionally. Unfair? Yes, certainly. Let’s learn to deal with it: by just changing a few things in your daily alimentation you can achieve great results, without diet!

What do we drink?

Did you know it?……


Water boosts metabolism by 30% for 1h, which burns calories! Drink 1/2l 1h before the meal will push the body to absorb fewer calories, thus lose up to 44% weight. Proven.


Coffee is full of antioxidants, very efficient to burn fat, it contains caffeine which increases your metabolism by 11%, and the fat burn by up to 29%!


Green tea contains caffeine as well, but less than coffee. And also antioxidants, which are burning fat. A good compromise if you prefer tea to coffee!

What do we avoid drinking?

Please avoid soda, bubble tea, alcohol, and non fresh juice. Why? They are all full of sugar and fat! Not your best ally to lose weight.

What do we eat?

At Breakfast……

Did you know it?……


Proteins boost your metabolism, increasing the fat burn. Pick lean proteins, such as eggs (but only the white!), tofu, turkey, etc.


Nuts will bring the oil nutrients without the fat.


Fruits will bring many vitamines.


Cereals will keep the hunger away. Pick those with low sugar! Wheat noodles, oatmeal etc.


Diary products will bring calcium to your bones.

What to avoid at breakfast?

Did you know it?……

Avoid yolk, bacon, sweets and fruit juice.


The yellow part of the egg, it’s full of cholesterol. Sweets like Zongzi or commercial cereals, even if it’s the beginning of the day, it’s full of calories.




DON’T SKIP IT! Your body will stock less fat during the night if it knows there is breakfast. And it reduces the temptation to eat before lunch.

3. 不吃煎炸类食品: 煎饼, 油条 


At Lunch……

Did you know it?……


Chicken, turkey, tofu(not fried), fish, and seafood! All of the above mentioned are low in fat! Alimentation with rich proteins helps your metabolism to burn up to 100 calories more per day!


What to avoid at lunch?

Did you know it?……

Pork, beef, lamb, and skin meat contain fats. So do all the processed meats!

What veggies we should have?

Did you know it?……

Vegetables give a sensation of having to eat enough without fat, gives a flat stomach. Plus vegetables contain fibers, antioxidants, low calories, more water in. Shall we say more?

What veggies we should avoid?

Did you know it?……

pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and other starchy vegetables are healthy, but avoiding them will help to keep a flat stomach.

At Dinner……

You will soon go to bed, your stomach shall remain light. Remember how efficient proteins, vegetables and water are for burning fat, even during your sleep!

What to avoid at dinner?

1.Rice and noodles

Starch (rice, noodles etc.) shall be avoided on evening, as you go to sleep soon, it’s an energy you won’t use.

2. Hot Pot & Soups

How do we eat?

1.Eat slowly

Eat slowly. Why? It takes time, around 15min, for your stomach to realize it had enough and send you signal to stop. Don’t eat too much before that!

2. Eat when you are hungry

Eat when you are hungry. Make the difference between hunger and pleasure.

Important Tip