Dear ladies and gentlemen, there are 194 counties in the world that wait to be discovered by you. Don’t wait until you’ve already ordered a steak in New York or a delicious baguette in Paris to figure out whether or not you should leave a tip. Instead, let me guide you through gratuity etiquette.

USA & Canada

In case you are going to visit these countries the tipping etiquette according to the person providing you a service is:

Waiter: 15-20 percent of the total amount

Sommelier :15-20 percent of the bottle, or 2-3$ / bottle

Coatroom :2$ + 1$/ article

Bartender: 15-20 percent, min 50cts

Valet :2$

Groom :2$ / luggage, 5$ if heavy

Tourist guide: 10-20 percent

Taxi driver: 10-20 percent

Be aware that if you don’t follow these tipping rules, you’ll be considered as a rude and ungrateful person. Most of the people that receive tips have low salaries because actually they are getting paid from you.

USA & Canada

Tips should never be left on a credit card anywhere in Europe. Generally speaking, there is no universal rule about the gratuity amount, it depends on the country.


Only if it was a really good service. If you see “service compris” on your bill that means no tip required.

UK and Ireland

You should leave 10-15 percent after payment. Make sure the service is not already included in the bill. There is no need to tip in the bars.

Germany / Austria

They have a range of opinions about the proper amount to tip, leaving 10 percent is a reasonable tip for good service, add it to the total amount.

Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands

In these countries usually, you should leave 7-10 percent of the total amount.

Nordic Countries

Tipping is very rare. In some countries, service charges are already included in the bill.

Rest of the world


In restaurants, 15 percent is polite. At hotels, 250 rupees for the housekeeper who is low paid. Some people will ask for tips for no apparent reason.

South Africa

It is customary to tip good service in South Africa. An acceptable amount is 10-15 percent. For guides, you should give 100 Rand per person per day or 10 percent to private drivers. In hotels tip 10-15 Rand per night.


It’s optional but appreciated. In restaurants and hotels, small amounts.


Tipping is not recommended. There is often a 10 percent service charge added to the bill. You don’t need to tip extra. You can tip bellhops around 1SIN – 2SIN per bag.


Wait staff in Australia are paid a livable wage, so they don’t expect tips. Still, in case of a great service, tips are appreciated.

Argentina/ Brazil/ Peru/ Uruguay

Do not have a strong tipping culture. Still, giving a small gratuity to waiters, bartenders, hotel staff, and tour guides will keep you in their good graces.


No need for leaving tips. In case there is a tip jar, you may leave some tips.


Tipping is considered as an insulting gesture.

South Korea

This country is basically a no-tip culture. The tips won’t be accepted.

Are there any other countries that you are interested in? Let me know in the comments below!