Dear ladies and gentlemen of the 21st century, how many times do you take photos of yourself per week? And how many times did you feel you look bigger on the screen than in reality? Yes, it is said that “a photo adds you 10kg right away”… But we have tips to avoid it! Have a check with me!

Your body

1 Shoulders

We repeat it! Shoulders forward is such a bad posture! For your health, and because it makes you look bigger.

Left pic is not good enough

2 Hips back

Arch your back, it will create curves and make you slimmer.

left pic is not good enough

3 Lean backwards

Another option if you don’t want to arch your back is to lean backwards. It will elongate your body.

4 The magic 45°

This is the best angle! Turn your body 45°, thus your face, shoulders, waist, hips will look slimmer!


5 Sit at the edge

You are seated, not standing? Don’t sit fully in the chair! It will make your hips larger. Sit at the edge for a slimmer impression!

Left pic is not good enough

Your head

6 Show your neck

Short or no neck will make you bigger. A longer neck gives an impression of being slim. Easy

Left pic is not good enough

7 Head upward

Lift a bit your chin to accentuate the impression of long neck and slimmer jaw.

Both ladies lift their head a bit, whick gives the impression of long neck

8 Lift your tongue

Lift your tongue to your palate. Now touch under your neck: it moves up! It will make your jaw even slimmer

9. Don’t squeeze


Arms looks bigger in the left pic 

10 Hand on hips

This is THE posture which makes you slimmer. It accentuates your waist, it makes your arms slimmer. All the movie stars are adopting it. Why wouldn’t you?

This pose is the most popular one

11 Erase your arm

You don’t like the fashion style pose of the hand on the hip? Easy, twist your body 45° and pass the furthest arm behind your body. Easy slimmer effect!

Your Legs

12 One leg in front

Don’t stand with both legs straight facing camera. You may place one leg in front.

13 Tip of toes

You may also place one on the side, on the tip of the toes. Slimmer effect guaranteed.

14 Knee pop

We already introduce you this one. Slimmer thighs, cute pose.

15 The slanted leg

Go back to your 45°, your leg does a slant. Slimmer body, slimmer leg. Still very easy, right?

And here we are, now you should not be afraid to take any photo of yourself! Next step: join our deportment class for achieving an outstanding look!