Autumn is coming, and it’s time to change our outfit! What if we take time to review some timeless pieces that you could wear without any risk? We have selected 7 of them!

Body type

Get to know your body type first: There are seven categories of body shape: hourglass, apple, pear, inversed triangle, lean column, and rectangle.


Your chest and your hips are generous (less than 2cm difference), but your waist is narrow (20cm less than your shoulders/hips): you are the hourglass shape.


Your shoulders are round, so is your belly and waist, but you have thin legs: you are an apple shape.


Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, with a thin upper body (small chest, defined waist) plus bigger thighs: you are a pear shape.

Inverted triangle

Your shoulders are much larger than your hips which are flat, your waist has little definition: you are an inverted triangle.

Lean column

Narrow shoulders and hips, flat chest, low definition waist but long legs: you are the lean column shape.


Large straight shoulders and hips (flat hips), quite flat chest and low definition on the waist: you are a rectangle shape.

Autumn colours

Lots of people will choose the classic three for autumn: black, white and grey. Besides, camel, caramel, and bright colour such as red, orange could add a warm and dignified sense to the overall look.

Do you still remember the rules for colours?

Contrast colour principle:  choose colours with strong contrast;

Similar colour principle:choose similar colour or gradient colours;

Tricolor principle: keep no more than 3 colours for one look.

Must haves in Autumn

Business Blazer 

Weekday essential, this blazer’s soft fabric give it a cooler look that’s ideal for pairing with everything from pants to dresses.

Body type: as a business related piece, the blazer is suitable for all body types. It is not aimed to show the curve of the body, so even people with the apple shape can wear it with the correct size. 

Hourglass ladies may prefer the double breasted on which will preserve their curves.Inverted triangle shall pay attention not to have too much reinforcement in the shoulders.

Advice: inbusiness day, career fair, or social meeting.As soon as you want to show more poise and a classy look.

If you are wearing a long blazer, a belt could help you to emphasize the waist line.

Classic Trench Coat

Wearing this classic trench coat, you can either wrap up belt in the front or leave it open.

Body type: hourglass, apple, pear, inversed triangle, lean column, rectangle.The trench being long enough, it will cover every flaws, even the large apple shapes.

Advice:either for business occasion or for leisure in the holiday. Tall ladies could choose longtrench coat to emphasize your tall & slim figure; otherwise you’d better choose short coat,with a length above your knees.Ladies with narrow shoulders should avoid drop shoulder style.

This lady looks short in this oversized coat

Double-breasted Trench Coat

The double-breasted trench is styling with long sleeves, often seen in khaki. However, ladies with darker yellowish skin, please avoid khaki.

Body type: this trench is best suited for body types like hour glass shape in its closed version, as it will show the shapes gracefully, or the lean column shape, to which the double trench will give more structure. Other shapes may wear it by letting it open.

Advice: either for business occasion or leisure in the holiday, same as above.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets used to bring a rebel style. It’s no longer the case, you can be very chic and feminine wearing it nowadays.

Body type: the leather coat most fits hour-glass shape, pear shape, lean column and rectangle shape. It cannot cover the disadvantages of apple shape, whose arms would look squished and the body too large. This coat will also strengthen the shoulders, thus is not recommended for inverted triangle shape.

Advice: you can wear it in nearly every occasion, leisure, so ever-changing, except in the workplace.


A cape or poncho offers a stylish silhouette for fall the drop shoulders design make it look sophisticated.

Body type: The poncho is relatively largeand can match the largest body shapes, such as apple shape. Avoid it if your type is lean column, you will look like disappearing under it, or if you are a strong inverted triangle.

Advice: Indoors or outdoors, social or semi-professional occasions. Elegance and comfort together.

Please choose those with a simple cut, which is classier. Andyou should match it with tight trousers or leggings.

Avoid complicated design, keep simple cut


The natural warmth from a cardigan is a necessity from now until next spring.

Body type: Ccardigans are relatively loose, which makes it the most suitable for the apple shapes. Other body types are of course welcome to try without any risk!

Advice: it only fits in casual occasions, leisure time at home or outside with friends.

Short thin cardigans will not fit ladies with round shoulders, as your arms would be bigger with such a style. Thus you could choose medium length and match it with high waist dress or pants, or a belt.

Oversized Denim Coat 

An oversized denim topcoat feels fashionable and warm. It is purposely oversized to give a “borrowed-to-brother” feeling.

Body type: no matter what your body type is, you will still get a casual comfortable style. Only ladies of the lean column should avoid it if they are too short, they may disappear inside it.

Advice: casual occasions such as meeting friends, taking a walk in the park, etc.

Dear ladies, I hope my recommendations give you inspiration for fall-winter wears. Which outfit do you like the best? Tell us in the comments.