Dear ladies, if you are seating at a high table, nobody will see your legs but you must still pay attention to your posture. However, if you are seating at a low table or anywhere without something to hide your legs, you must be careful how your legs look. We will review together how to make them look longer and thinner, without crossing them.

The postures we are going to deal with are also convenient for men.

Here are different postures: which one is more elegant?

Tip to understand

Remember this: the closer a part of your body is towards people in front of you, the longer and the bigger it will look. On the contrary, if this part of your body is far from them, it will look small for their sight. It is the same for your legs. If you place them behind the line of your knees, they will look shorter. If on the contrary, you place your legs in front of your knees, they will look longer.

Front, the wrong posture

the wrong posture

Correct sitting posture

Posture 1

Place your legs together in front of you. You can either keep your feet closed together or cross your ankles. This will make your legs look longer.

Beware, this posture is more convenient when wearing flat shoes. If you wear heels, you cannot place your leg as far.

Posture 2

Move your legs together and lengthen them to one side: left or right doesn’t make a difference. Keep your chest straight towards the person in front of you. Cross your ankles if you want to. Your legs will look longer for the people seated in front of you.

It is the same principle as the posture before: if you wear high heels, it will be more difficult to stretch your legs.

Posture 3

This posture will make you look thinner. Seat on a 3/4 side: turn your shoulders; they will look narrower than if you keep them in front. Do the same with your waist: turn it and it will look slimmer. Concerning your legs, a S-shape will make them look slimmer.

What can you do with your hands? You should simply place them on the side of your forward hip. This posture is more convenient and refined with high heels.

Posture 4

When Margaret Thatcher met Deng Xiaoping, she had a very elegant posture: she is crossing her calves. It will break the line of your calves and make them look thinner and longer. You should leave the leg in front straight and raise it a little. Your back leg should be slightly crooked, but don’t put your knees apart.

This posture is highly recommended when you are wearing high heels, it will give a lengthened shape to your legs.

Ladies, now you have read this article, you will be able to sit properly and to adapt your posture to look thinner and taller at all time. Seating properly is one of the main skills an elegant and refined lady must master. Therefore, you must practice. We will be publishing more articles about sophisticated sitting postures in the following days!

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