Dear Ladies, it’s International Cannes Movie Festival now, I propose you to learn the proper poses to show when taking photos while standing depending on your outfit: short dress, long dress, low cut neckline, trousers with a jacket, etc. For this, we will analyze the way stars at the International Cannes Movie Festival take poses. Now it’s your turn to pose like a star!

Low-necked dress

DON’T: Don’t stoop, you will look less energetic but most of all, you will look smaller.

POSTURE 1: Arms along the body and chine up, you will look elegant and confident. You can also place them both on your waist, face from ¾ the camera (not fully front) like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the photo below: it will give you a slimmer waist.

Your feet should not attract the look, be simple: hold them together or move one leg forward for a slender leg shape.

Posture 2:Another photo-posing option is to show your profile to the camera, look over your rounded shoulder. It will create an elegant and very feminine curve on your upper body, like Rihanna on the photo below:

Here is our previous article about the right way to place your shoulder: .

Long dress

DON’T: Avoid letting your arms in front of you like Elsa Zylberstein, even if you are holding a small handbag. In fact, it looks like you are protecting yourself or unconfident. Also, your feminine shape will be gone from the photo by this unpleasant posture.

POSTURE: A long dress will create a tall impression on a picture and if you tie your hair up it will emphasize the effect. Putting your shoulders back, will open your chest and give you more charisma and a more confident allure. Letting your arms along the body is a good option: it will soar your body up and accentuate the effect already created by your dress.

We don’t need to see your feet, it is not necessary to bend your legs or to try any beautiful posture with them.

Short dress above the knees

DON’T:Don’t put both arms on your waist, it will make your body look shorter. Most of all, it will make you look cumbersome while what you are looking for is an elegant and refined silhouette.

POSTURE 1:Arms along the body is the secret to have a slender silhouette in your short dress. To look taller and slimmer, I advise you to keep your feet together with one foot behind like Zhang Ziyi (but let your hands along the body or one hand on the waist).

Posture 2: Or slightly crossed, just like Rosie below.

Above the ankles dress

DON’T: Don’t place your legs too wide apart, it is not elegant. Don’t cross your arms neither, it will cut your silhouette which is already shortened by your dress as it is not reaching your feet.

POSTURE:Put your weight on one leg, and place the other one further in front, it will make your legs look longer and give an elegant impression. You have two options for your arms: either let them along your body to lengthen your shape. Or you may place one arm on your hips, but it shall not be on the same side as the bent leg like Natacha Poly did below.

You should rather place your arm on the side of the leg you put your weight on, like Kendal Jenner did on the photo bellow:

Overall suit / trousers with jacket

DON’T:Never pose with your arms on your waist! It will create a lot of pleats on your jacket and will add tension on the button, making it look disgraceful, like the photo below:

Don’t keep your feet together facing front to the camera, you will look wider.

POSTURE 1:Keep your arms along your body with a little space between your waist and your elbow to show that you have beautiful women shapes. And keep your feet spread like French actress Cécile De France did. On the photo, your confidence, feminism and elegance will show.

POSTURE 2:For an elegant and feminine photo posing, show your body profile to the camera, put your arm on your waist, bend one leg but beware: only bend your leg in the background, not the one close to the camera. You will then create a space between your legs and have a slimmer body shape.

Ladies, I hope this analysis helped you understand the “faux-pas” to avoid when posing for photos. If this topic is something you want to learn more about, I have the pleasure to announce that we will launch a new class in the near future: “The photo posing etiquette”. Let us know if this theme would interest you by writing a comment below!