Dear ladies and gentlemen, who never had the dream, at least once to marry a royal and enter a brand new world? Some did, but it requested deep, drastic changes, not to say sacrifices. I propose you to see how becoming a prince(ss) may be at the cost of your identity.

 Do you know them? Look how much they have changed for becoming a Royal.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Letizia Ortiz, Queen of Spain

Masako Owada, Empress of Japan

Daniel Westling, Prince of Sweden

Continue to discover their story…

Kate Middleton, the schoolmate

Catherine Middleton is born in a businessman family in 1982, in Berkshire.

She later came to study at University St Andrews.

And she was involved in many sport and charity activities. A certain fashion show has been often mentioned.

This is during a charity event she met Prince William, who was also student.

They started to date, and did so during 7 years.

But during this period she continued her own life, it is said she was particularly enjoying partying.

But this lifestyle wasn’t suitable for a future Queen. It took them 7 years before getting engaged. Maybe in order to be sure she would accept to change?

From there, her style started to drastically change. Still gorgeous, but obviously more classy.

Then came the big day.

Since then she has been very committed to her duties. Pursuing charity activities, and consistent in royal engagements.

Kate is not born noble, but she has been consistently doing many efforts to enter her role. We can see the changes. Moreover, she is giving full support to her husband and the Queen, never trying to outshine them.

So is it to become royal: engagement before ego, before ambition.

Letizia Ortiz, the journalist who became Queen of Spain

Born in Oviedo in 1972, Letizia is the daughter of a journalist and a nurse.

In the 1990’s she became a journalist.

Her specialty was international news, and was quite successful. She was even rewarded “best journalist under 30” in 2000.

She even went to Iraq during the war in 2003.

Probably she could have followed a successful professional career. But one person changed her destiny. She met Don Philippe, heir of the throne, in 2003

Her beginning was not easy, the Spanish press being particularly fierce against her. Her style was particularly criticized for not matching her rank.

Moreover, her character was “too strong”: she even dared to interrupt her husband talking. “Let me finish !” Did she tell him.

They got married in 2004.

And from there, she started a deep transformation. First, physically speaking.

But also her fashion style and poise, more trying to fit what would be expected from a Queen.

She still receives criticism, especially due to the allegedly bad relations with her mother-in-law, the Queen Sofia.

It is obvious Letizia has followed trainings, also including etiquette, to adapt into her new world. Her behavior, appearance, clothes, have evolved.

This is what it means for a commoner to become a Royal: it requires deep changes. You are expected to give up a part of yourself and let your role prevail. But it remains possible.

Masako Owada, the well-born Japanese lady

Masako Owadais born in 1963 in Japan.

During her childhood, she lived in Moscow, New York, Tokyo, France and Boston. Her father was a high diplomat.

Therefore, Masako Owada, even if not noble, is born in a high-society family. Her family ancestors have several famous personality.

She enrolled in Harvard in 1981, and got graduated.

She shortly started to work at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Due to her studies, her intelligence and her capacity to speak English, French, Russian, German, which is rare in Japan, she was on a way to a brilliant diplomatic career.

Her life changed when she met Prince Naruhito in 1986. For 6 years she refused 2 times to get married to him.

She knew it would force her to give up her promising career in diplomacy and severely restrict her independence and freedoms.

Finally she accepted, after the prince pursued her that serving as Crown Princess of Japan would only be “another form of diplomacy” . The 3rd proposal was the right one.

But the troubles only began. Masako was under severe pressure from the Imperial agency to have a son. After 8 years, they got a girl.

But the pressure continued to have a boy. This plus the frustration of not having continued her career caused her a depression in 2003-2005. She preferred staying home, with her dogs.

In 2006, Naruhito’s brother got a boy, which decreased the pressure. From then she was seen doing more public engagements.

Since 2019 she is the Empress of Japan. Even if not born in the middle-class, she also had to give up an important part of herself, and suffered heavy criticism. Becoming a royal remains difficult.

Daniel Westling, from the Swedish gym to the Royal Palace

Daniel Westling is born in 1973 in a small city in Sweden.

Quite average at school, he failed to join University. He became a gym coach in Stockholm.

He met the Crown Princess Victoria in his club in 2001.

The Swedish press has been fierce to criticize his origins, occupation, but mostly his fashion style, which was considered not only vulgar, but having a bad influence on the princess.

He hired an agency to teach him the proper behavior suitable for a Royal. He changed drastically.

They finally continued their relation, and after almost 10 years together got married in 2010.

Since then, his style has evolved. But the press and Swedish population still considered he is not matching his rank.

For love, Daniel has changed his entire life, habits, and somehow, identity. And you, what would you do for love?

From these 4 characters, we see taking time may have been the key for the change. And you, would you be ready to change?