Winter is here, and here are the five most popular colors in this winter, many celebrities like wearing these surprising colors as well. What are they? Let’s take a look.

Here is the colour palette of Autumn/Winter 2020/2021, today we will introduce five of them: Mandarin red, Celery, Samba, Ultramarine green, and Tawny Birch.

1. Mandarin red

Mandarin red brings women with a passionate temperament. This pleasant and juicy hue has a warm feeling, and it can show a little temperature in the cold winter!

2. Celery

Celery gives women a hearty temperament, this fresh tone has a sense of youth, and can show the active temperament of women in winter!

3. Samba

Samba red gives women a kind of enthusiasm.  This strong tone has a sense of calmness, and it can show the beauty of women in winter!

4. Tawny Birch

Tawny birch gives women a calm and warm temperament, this kind of precipitation tone has a sense of composure, and it can show the gentle temperament of women in winter!

5. Ultramarine green

Ultramarine green gives women a heroic temperament, this eye-catching hue has a sense of jumping, and it can show the maverick temperament of a woman in winter!

How would you match?

1.  Mandarin red

Mandarin red can be worn no matter what your skin colour is. It can add a sense of warmness if you have pale skin.

Asian skin could also try and match it with similar colours, simple and classy.

If you are still not sure, you can firstly try it with accessories such as: belts, bags, silk squares, scarves, etc.

2. Celery

Celery is very vivid and bright, it suits ladies with pale skin.

 As bright as it is, you may not use it as dominant colour of your whole attire. Using it for accessories or stacking it with other colours (such as  white, black, grey, ginger…) would be better option.

3. Samba

Samba is a demanding colour. You should be extremely confident to wear such a colour.

It goes well with either white skin or Asian skin. But dull skin would be duller with such a colour. And please avoid matching it with colours of high saturation such as bright yellow, sapphire blue etc.

4. Tawny Birch

Tawny birch has always been poplar for autumn/winter seasons. You can match it with almost with all the colours and all skin type.

Small tip for you: match your tawny birch with black/white plus a bit grey shade, it will be classier.

Very fashionable match with celery.

5. Ultramarine green

Lady Diana likes it a lot

Ultramarine green has a reserved identity, you could match it with most of the colours.

You can follow the similar colour principle to match it with other shades of green.

You could also match it with black or some blue colors. If your skin is dull, please avoid using it as the dominant colour.

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment!