Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle on the way! Christmas is around the corner, how to wear in Christmas to show the holiday sense? Introducing you the following 7 kinds of single products with Christmas style!

– Christmas Sweater –

Whether you are an adult or a child, how can you miss a sweater for Christmas? The authentic “Christmas Sweater” is a knitted sweater with Christmas patterns, such as Santa Claus, snowflakes, snowmen, elk, penguins, etc. The major colors are red, green or blue.

If you choose to wear an eye-catching Christmas sweater for your upper body, you can match it with simple, solid-color pants or skirts for the bottom. When matching, please follow the principle of “complicated top match simplified down”.

– Christmas wrapping skirt-

Folded hem with high waisted laced up, the design is made for you to adjust the waist yourself and enhance your slim figure. This type of dress is called “wrapped skirt”.

To have the Christmas atmosphere, you can choose a wrap skirt with red or green elements. The high-waist design can fit for women of any body shape. The soft folds and soft shape bring a feeling of free flow, it will not only reflect the body shape perfectly, but also conform to the Christmas atmosphere.

– Christmas Beret –

If you want to stay fashionable at Christmas, it is better to choose a Christmas beret that suits you. The beret allows you to easily show the French elegance with a sense of retro taste, and can also modify the proportion of the head shape to increase the overall fashion sense.

The way to wear a beret is simple. For women with long face, please let the brim cover your forehead; for women with round faces, please wear the beret a little backward. You can then adjust the tilt and the wrapping angle of the beret according to your dressing style and preferences.

– Christmas scarf –

For ladies and gentlemen who prefers simplified attire, how can you miss a red Christmas scarf? Scarves always give people warmth, so casually wear a red scarf outside,  it is simple, fashionable, and it gives you a Christmas feeling.

When choosing a scarf, it is recommended to choose a darker red, such as burgundy or crimson. As bright red is easy to give you a sense of visual weariness. Or you can choose a red/green scarf with Christmas snowflakes, Christmas elk and other elements.

Both scarf and gloves are with Christmas elements

– Christmas jewels –

Exquisite jewelry with Christmas elements could get you an upgraded  luxury. Yes, we can wear Christmas jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, chockers, etc.

When wearing Christmas jewelry, we must be aware of wearing them appropriately with accentuate simplicity and avoid excessiveness.

The necklace is more conspicuous and delicate

You should rather wear only one big piece. For example, if you are wearing a shinning brooch for Christmas, then your necklace should be rather exquisite.

The bracelet and necklace are the same style

All elements should be in concert with each other — the accessories all over your body should show a state of integration of elements.

– Christmas Bowtie –

You can also choose a Christmas-style bow tie for the holidays. Ladies can decorate Christmas-style bows on their clothes.

Men can choose a tie or bow with Christmas style (red and green stripes). These simple details linearize your Christmas style.

In Christmas season, don’t forget to tie your cute pet with a bow tie!

– Christmas facemask –

Finally, you don’t want to forget wearing the masks during these special periods. You can even choose a mask with Christmas style. A mask with Christmas elements can cover your nose and mouth comfortably, and it also brings a sense of fun in the Christmas season.

Final Tip for Christmas

We also have a final tip for you: please do not wear all the Christmas elements altogether, and avoid dressing yourself up into a Christmas tree! Choose one or two of your favorite Christmas stylish items would be just enough.

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