Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the 21st century, with the 4th season of the serie “The Crown” being a success I propose you to learn how to wear jewelry like a queen. Tiaras, rings, necklace and brooches: you can be the modern Queen!


THE symbol of Royals, symbol of the weights of responsibilities for a Queen.

Do you know how to calculate the position on your head?


Take your fingers, measure the distance from your chin to the middle of your eyebrows. Report this distance from the middle of the eyebrows to your head.


Tiara are worn by married ladies during state events and weddings. It’s for the greatest moments!


Tiaras doesn’t belong to a lady, but to a family. You pass it through generations.

So many royal families have been passing their tiaras!

EnglandQueen Mary’s Tiara

Originally made for Queen Mary, it passed to Elizabeth II, Diana, and is now one of the favourite of Kate Middleton.

BelgiumThe Leysen Neuf Provinces Tiara

The iconic tiara of the Belgian Queens from Leysen, representing the 9 provinces of Belgium, worn by Queens Astrid, Fabiola, Paola, Mathilde.

GermanyThe Prussian Meander Tiara

This large tiara has been often worn by the Hohenzollern family, heir of the German emperor.

JapanMeiji Scroll Tiara

Made by Chaumetin 1885, the Meiji Scroll Tiara was worn by every Empress of Japan since then. May be worn with diamond stars on top.


The symbol of Love and commitment to someone.


There are some fingers on which you may wear rings if you want to do like royals.


Absolutely no ring here! Fingers are either too big or too often used.


For the wedding ring & engagement ring once married.

For engagement ring before getting married.


For any beautiful jewelry !


Engagement rings, wedding rings, signet may be worn all the time. For the rest, it depends on the event! The highest your event is, the most precious and outstanding may your ring be.

For casual events our outdoor activities, fashionable rings are also a good option.


The very famous engagement ring of Diana was given to Kate Middleton for her engagement. Rings are also something that may be passed through generations.



Only worn with short earrings!


Social events or state events, depending on the importance of the necklace and the event.

The Collar Necklace

High on the neck, it’s an evening type of necklace only.

The Choker

Tight at the base of the neck, lower than the Collar, this is the Choker. For evening dresses

The Princess Necklace

Here the necklace is longer, reaching ladies chest. Quite versatile, suitable for high social events or for elegant attire.

The former Queen of Egypt Nazli, and below her grand-daughter.

The Matinée

2 ropes, reaching the middle of the chest.



Can be various type of events as soon as you want to show elegance. But generally for mature women.


Never wear an even number of brooches, it is said to be a curse !

Always wear your brooch on the left upper part of the chest, never the right.

It should be at least 2cm lower than the shoulder upper line, away from the arm, above the breast.

The exact position is according to your clothes and your own aesthetic sense.

Brooches are also family jewelry passed through generations!

Prince Albert brooch–Offered to Queen Victoria before their wedding day.

What is your favourite type of jewelry? Let us know in comments!