Dear ladies, it’s spring! For this spring and summer, we will introduce you to 9 styles of dresses, some tips on how to wear the dresses and which dress to buy. Read further, you may be wearing them out of the house shortly.

Determine your figure type

Before trying on the dress, understand your figure type first! Here are five types of figures: apple shape, pear shape, inverted triangle, rectangle, and hourglass shape. If you want to know more click here.

Must haves in Spring and Summer

“Clothes make the women”. Choosing your dress according to your body shape follows this rule: we will try to recreate the hourglass body shape thanks to dresses. 


Get: V-shaped dress, maxi dress

1. V-neck dress

What: The upper part has a V neck, of different length and width, opening your chest.

Why: Apples have a large upper body, the V-neck will help to break it, giving a slimmer impression. The large size will be less obvious, it will help to create a perspective.

2.Maxi dress

What: Maxi dresses are formed fitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, with the length reach your ankle.

Why: Because Apple’s legs are proportionally smaller as their upper body, this dress will give a balance by recreating volume at the lower half of the body.


Get: Bias dress, corset dress

1. Bias dress

What: Essentially, it’s when the fabric of a garment is cut at a diagonal angle. This design takes advantage of the greater stretch in the bias, which accentuates body lines and curves.

Why: Pear shapes have very large hips, the diagonal of this dress will help to cut the width. . It will make you look more curvaceous and even for petite figures.

2. corset dress

What: Corset dress has the effect of tightening the waist and holding up the chest. A corset dress can visually bring balance to the ratio of shoulders and hips.

Why: The corset dress will bring a higher waistline, driving the attention away from the large hips.

inverted triangle:

Get: shirtdress, sleeveless dress

1. shirtdress

What: The shirt dress has a loose impression on the top, and volume at the legs, with a well designed waist line.

Why: The large volume of the shirt will dilute the too wide shoulders. Try to pick a shirt dress with wide flounce, which is even better at balancing the large shoulders.

2.The sleeveless dress

What: A dress which will cut your shoulders. With or without décolletage.

Why: This type of dress will cut the width of shoulders, giving an impression of a narrower upper body.


Get: wrap dress

What: A wrap dress is a dress with the front piece wrapped around from one side to the other, and also with a tie that wraps around the waist.

Why: This dress will simply recreate a waist line, that rectangular shapes don’t have. A perfect choice for this body type.


Hourglass is the perfect shape figure for ladies! The lucky ones with hourglass shapes could try almost all types of dresses.

Get: Jumpsuit, romper

1. Jumpsuit

What: Jumpsuit is a one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached trousers.

Li Yuchun’s Jiangsu New Year’s Eve style, wearing a pure white jumpsuit with a full sense of drape.

Why: The jumpsuit will make the body proportions very obvious. The hourglass having great balance of the shoulders line and hips plus a defined waist will highly benefit from it.

Gal Gadot wears a backless jumpsuit.

2. romper

What: Romper is also a one-piece garment with attached shorts, wide open on the chest, quite high on the thighs.

Why: For a balanced body such as the hourglass, rompers that are cinched at the waist are a good option. The wide-hem shorts make your legs look slender while your breasts are emphasized!

Dear ladies, I hope my advice can inspire your spring and summer dress wear! Which type of dress do you like the best? Please tell us in the comments!