Today is Qixi Festival which may be called Chinese Valentine’s Day. Do you have any idea about how to celebrate with your love? Feel free to tell us about your celebration way!

In this special Valentine’s Day, we will talk about the differences between the oriental (mainly Chinese) couple and western couple, check with us!

“I love you” scenario

Chinese couples often say “I love you” when they begin a relationship and say it less when they are used to stay with each other after a long time being together. But they will do more romantic things for each other. Generally, Chinese people are more reserved.

Western couples are not used to say “I love you” when they begin to know each other, since “I love you” is a serious word about feelings for them. When the relationship goes deeper, “I love you” could be repeated thousands of times at the end of their calls, when they wake up, and before sleeping, etc.

Shopping scenario

We may often meet a scenario in China: a man is carrying a lady’s bag. Men will consider that lady with a bag may feel tired and ladies are willing to feel spoiled by their love sometimes.

In western countries, it’s rare to see this scenario. They may think that the men who take lady’s bag seems feminine and ladies are not independent in this case.


Couple clothes scenario

It is more often to see Asian couples with couple clothes which is considered as a way to show their love to each other.

Compared with couple clothes, western couples prefer to kiss each other when they are willing to show their love. Wearing couple clothes is often considered childish for them.

Meet parents of your partner scenario

Generally speaking, in Asian family, parents’ attitude may influence a lot on couples, because parents have a very important role for decisions in their family. And normally, when couples are meeting parents, it means that they are almost going to marry each other in the future.

In western family, parents and children have an independent relation after children becoming adults. Western couples would be more like friends with their lover’s parents when they meet.

Wedding picture scenario

In general, Chinese couples will put on wedding clothes and take their wedding pictures before their marriage ceremony, since they may use the pictures to decorate their new home and their wedding venue.  

For western couples, they cannot see each other with wedding clothes before their wedding ceremony in their culture, otherwise, misfortune will come to them.

Couple Festival scenario

Festival occasion is an important part for couples’ life. Chinese couples are more likely to celebrate both Chinese and western festivals as their special love occasion.

Western couples celebrate anniversary, Christmas and Valentine’s Day together as their special day.

Restaurant scenario

In oriental culture, men are more likely to pay the bill when they go to the restaurants with their girlfriends or wives.

In western culture, it would be more often to see that couples split the bill. And of course, it also depends on different countries and different person as well.

Family financial management scenario

Family comes the first and usually husband and wife will put their fortune together to manage. Concerning the financial roles in a family, men would often give their revenue to their wife to manage the whole family’s expense. 

However, for western couples, each one would contribute a part of his/her revenue to the couple’s common bank account and keep the rest part for themselves.

Or they would just keep their own revenue and split the expense when it comes.

What we shared today is just a few general scenarios, there are certainly many other situations that we did not mention. If you have any information that you want to share with us, you are always welcomed!

Last but not least, we wish you may find your love and be together! Happy Qixi!