Dear ladies and gentlemen, here is your Napoleon cake! Do you know the correct and elegant way to enjoy it? Today we will introduce 4 ways of eating Napoleon cake, learn with us!

“Mille-feuille” is the French name of this cake, which means: a thousand layers.

Millefeuille dessert with raspberry on black background

Why is it called “Napoleon” cake?

You may wonder about the connection between Napoleon cake and Napoléon I, however there is no evidence showing that they have any relations.

Actually it is said that the crust cover for napoleon cake is originated in Naples, Italy, and it is called Napolitain. Because the pronunciation is very similar to Napoleon, and that‘s how it is become so well-known afterwards.

There is another saying about the cake: Napoléon I is the hero of France, and all the marvelous stuff in France should be named after him, including the cake.

No matter what, we can not deny the fact that this classic French cake is very popular all over the world.

Mille Feuille mit Creme und frischen Früchten

How to eat it with Elegance?

As we all know that how to eat Napoleon with elegance is quite demanding, especially when it comes to the crispy crust layers.

The First Way

Take a piece with your hands and eat t directly. This way you can enjoy the flavorful cake in one bite.

Disadvantage: it is not very elegant, please avoid doing it in public, especially when you are with important guests.

The Second Way

If you still want to use your hands to eat it, a more elegant way is to take one layer each time, and you will eat layer by layer from top to the bottom.

This way is suitable for those cake with big layers and thus easy to be split with hands. Otherwise you won’t be able to keep your fingers clean,not to say to eat with elegance.

Disadvantage: you can’t have the whole layers in one bite.

The Third Way

Push the cake on the side down.

Cut it from the middle, and take a piece in one bite size.

Attention: Don’t cut it directly from top, or you will destroy the whole cake.

The Fourth Way

Push the cake on the side down.

Hold it with fork, and then use your dessert spoon to eat it.

Now are you ready to eat your Napoleon cake? Let us know your favourite way of eating in comments!