• 2019-12-06 - 2019-12-08
  • 01:00 - 18:00
  • 3 days
  • 15 Pax

Class benefits

  • Grasp the power of elegant deportment and learn exercises and correct postures when walking, sitting, standing and descending/ascending the stairs.
  • Master the accessory rules and learn how they can enhance your image internationally and locally.
  • Understand the conventions of dressing on different occasions along with colour matching principles.
  • Experience how to accentuate your advantages, emphasize your beauty and express confidence in every single photo when posing alone or in a group.
  • Enjoy all the spotlights in this life-changing experience in your path to becoming the best version of yourself at the iconic Paramount.

Class content

Day 1

High heels tutorial
  • Sitting down/ Standing up like a lady
  • Walking gracefully
  • Walking in high heels
  • Smiling exercise
  • Different dress codes
  • Colour matching
  • Bag etiquette & gestures
  • High heel etiquette
  • Scarf folding etiquette

From head to toe, you will get your body in good shape, learn about accessories and color scheme so you can get a new look at the end of the first day. Parisian brand Maison Ernest sponsors with high heels for you to learn how to master walking in high heels.

Day 2

Makeup tutorial
  • Ascending & descending the stairs
  • Turning gracefully
  • Elegant sitting poses
  • Walking with others
  • Makeup theory
  • Runway technique

In-depth beautification and adjustment of body posture. Refining your makeup skills.

Day 3

Refined jewellery tutorial
  • Posing according to your look
  • Posing in a group
  • Jewellery etiquette
  • Hat & fascinator etiquette
  • Runway
  • Closing ceremony
  • Diner:Dance

ANGELA JEWELS special sponsorship with exclusive jewellery, together to achieve elegant goddess. You can show your charm at graduation dinner and ball.

Guillaume Rué de Bernadac

Mr Guillaume Rué de Bernadac is the founder of the brand of etiquette, a real etiquette expert. Mr Rué de Bernadac’s expertism is derived from his family background and his grandmother. Mrs Bernadac and her father were private teachers to the King and members of his family in Morocco. Today Bernadac family brings royal manners to China. Ruéde Bernadac has studied etiquette in London and Switzerland and holds WEST certification from a global wine education organization.

Miona Milakov

Miona Milakov is a professional etiquette & beauty teacher. Ms Milakov has a unique perspective on physical presence, personal style, and high-end lifestyle. As an etiquette professional, she provided professional training for many well-known enterprises. Ms Milakov believes the correct body form represents a professional image of the individual; Good manners are the secret of keeping one’s charm. Ms Milakov has lived and worked in different countries and is deeply attracted by Chinese culture.

Anne-France Larquemin

Anne-France Larquemin, French etiquette & professional beauty tutor. With 30 years experience in the international cosmetic industry, currently based in China. Larquemin graduated from the Ecole Esthétique Institute in Paris where she studied cosmetic arts and skin care in Paris and Lyon, France. She has been providing makeup & skin care related services to major brands in France, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and China, including fashion shows and competitions.

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Dress Code

  • Friday & Saturday :
  • Cocktail dress
  • High heels
  • Sunday:
  • Black tie dress
  • High heels

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