Waldorf Astoria on the Bund

  • 2020-08-10 - 2020-08-12
  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • 3 days
  • 10 Pax

Course description

There is the academic excellence, and how to live in a world of excellence. Académie de Bernadac will make your child outstanding through excellence. Together with Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, we are going to have the 3-days new program “Summer Excellence”,participant will get an international association recoginised certification. .

Class benefits

  • Mastering table manners and social manners in different occasions
  • Correcting body postures from a young age
  • Confidence when talking on stage to a public
  • Practising new skills and making improvements with teacher’s guidance
  • Interactive and practical exercises

Class content

Day 1

Social and table manners
  • Greetings
  • Titles&correct forms
  • Introducing people
  • Table manners:basic
  • Resting cutleries
  • Table postures
  • Warm up exercises
  • Correct stepping
  • Walking straight
  • Sitting down & standing up

Lunch tutorial and interactive practice included

Day 2

Table manners, deportment, photo-posing
  • Cutlery
  • Setting up the table
  • Polite behaviours at tables
  • To do & Don’t do
  • Deportment review
  • How to turn
  • Walking & Posing

Lunch tutorial and interactive practice included

Day 3

Stage presence, afternoon tea etiquette
  • Stage fright
  • Stage presence
  • Self-introduction practice
  • To do & Don’t do
  • Holding a cup & stirring
  • Scones
  • Runway
  • Closing ceremony

Lunch tutorial and interactive practice included, graduation ceremony at the end

Your expert

Guillaume Rué de Bernadac

Mr Guillaume Rué de Bernadac is the founder of the brand of etiquette, a real etiquette expert. Mr Rué de Bernadac’s expertism is derived from his family background and his grandmother. Mrs Bernadac and her father were private teachers to the King and members of his family in Morocco. Today Bernadac family brings royal manners to China. Ruéde Bernadac has studied etiquette in London and Switzerland and holds WEST certification from a global wine education organization.

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