Dear ladies, gentlemen, it is true, cheese is a delicious dish and can be savoured alone. But a lot of people like to marry it with some sweet dishes as jam, fruits, etc. I propose you today different possibilities of fruits or jam associations with cheese to avoid any faux-pas at every fine dinning you will be invited. 

The « Camembert-type » cheese

All the cheeses as Brie, Neufchâtel, camembert de Normandie, etc. are perfect with any fruit as apple, pear and apricot. Some Mediterranean fruits as fresh fig, and pine nut are also convenient for those kinds of cheese. About the jam, it is wonderful to eat them with plum liqueur jam. 

About the blue cheese

The parsley texture will be perfectly married with dry fruits. It is also a good recommendation to try them with all the fruits and jam from the Fall season. For example, I propose you to try it with pear, fig, grape and apple. Dry bananas or prune will delight your palate. You can try to associate any blue cheese with almond and nuts, biscuits and pies, you should love it. 

The hard cheese

Those cheeses are comté, Emmental, Beaufort, etc. I highly recommend you to eat those cheeses with orange or pineapple jam. But if you prefer fruits, white grape, apple, and even some lemon to intensify the tastes.

Those cheeses are also delightful with salty preparations as ham and elaborate cream. You can surprise your guests with refined cheese, Parma ham and melon kebabs. 

The goat’s cheese

Every red fruit is incredible with goat’s cheese. But you can as well eat them with peach, watermelon, and many summer fruits. The idea is to refined the taste with either something more intense as lemon or orange, or to create a strong salty-sweet taste with mango jam.

If you serve it with honey and a light touch of mint, you will make your guests extremely happy. As toast, you can use gingerbread to have the perfect wedding tastes in mouth. If you want to serve it with salty dishes, I recommend you to try those cheeses with dry tomatoes and pine nuts. 

Basque cheese

There is one inevitable thing to eat with those cheeses, this is the black cherry jam so I highly recommend you to discover this union. But Basque’s cheeses can also be eaten with fresh fruits as melon, peach and even a fruit salad. You can intensify the tastes with quince or strawberry jam. 

Dear ladies, gentlemen, cheese is a delicateness that western people love to eat before the dessert. Presenting it with the convenient fruits and jam is the best way to conclude perfectly a meal and to impress your guests with a refined and well chose plate of cheese.