Dear ladies, what can be better than sunny weather, cherry blossom and your new spring outfit!  What is trendy this spring? Which colors are going to be popular in summer? And how to match your mask with clothes? Look for answers on these questions in our today’s article!

Mask is the new fashion

Due to the corona virus situation, face mask is going to be must-have accessory in your wardrobe. Did you know that masks also can be fashionable?

In fact, face mask was the best accessory during Fashion weeks in Milan and Paris recently. Even big brands like Chanel and Gucci produced new fashionable masks.

Billie Eilish on Grammy ceremony

You can find a big variety of beautiful masks. They can be cute, classic, sporty.  Pitta mask is considered to be the coolest and fancy. But don’t forget it protects you only from dust.

If you matched all your outfit items right, and in addition to that find a good mask which suits to general look – for sure, you will be a star of fashion!

The colours of 2020

Do you like the trendy colours of 2020? You already got some ideas about how to match these colours, right?

Of course we should choose some bright colour for spring and summer. Scarlet flame, gold, saffron or coral pink, take your chance and choose the colour you like! However, don’t forget the protocol of colour matching–no more than three colours for one look. 

Trends of 2020

Knitted dress

This ultra-feminine dresses, that feels modern with a special touch of Grandma’s handmade crochet, will bring to you a special charm and elegance.

Coloured leather

If in winter and autumn we put on black, chocolate and wine leather, in the spring and summer designers advise us to look at the bright and positive palette.

Business casual

This season will be good for lovers of business casual style. The first trend is classic jackets, shirts, matched with Bermuda shorts.

The second point is waistcoat. In addition to the special style and slim waist, it will also add seriousness and efficiency to your look.


Tropical print will be popular this season. Let’s call it like a reminder of nature and the wild jungles, while we live in large cities – stone jungles.

Colorful jewellery

Seems it is time for something bright and creative!

When it comes to colour, at least with jewellery, don’t be afraid to mix up your stones and metals. The more mishmash, the easier it is to pair with your wardrobe as it opens up the range of shades to coordinate.

But since the gold color is a trend this season, try to avoid wearing all golden-cloths with a big amount of jewellery. 

Large chain necklace

Do not be afraid of such an accessory. It must be combined with small earrings, and preferably monophonic top clothing.

Large hoop earrings

Hoop earrings never go out of style, and this season is not an exception. Make sure you know how to choose earrings to your face shape and outfit!

Bucket bag

What is the beauty of a bucket bag and why should you get one? Because its unique form gives more space and will fit more things. Isn’t that wonderful!

Dear ladies, please share with us in comments what kind of trend you liked the most? Why? If you want to know how to match some new trends, let us know, and we will write an article about that!

Finally we waited forpring! it's time to find out what to wear this season