Dear ladies and gentlemen, you probably heard it: “French women don’t get fat”. A best-seller book has even been written about it. Is it really true? Yes, it is. But then it’s so unfair! Discover with me the secrets of French women.

1. French women eat everything

Yes, everything: sweets, pastries, cheese, and much more. But if they do eat something, it’s only small portions. “Avec modération” we say.

French women do eat carbs, but carbs are rarely the biggest part of the French meal. It rather represents a quarter or a third.

2. French women are picky with food

They prefer home-cooking: in 75% of their meal! Home delivery or restaurants are seen as something from which food can’t be really controlled. 

In-season products are a must, processed-food and convenient meals are avoided. And French food is often baked, not fried. 

3. French women have a favourite drink

Guess what, it’s not wine. They drink it avec modération. Coffee, tea? Yes, a little. Soda? Never. Sweet drinks? Never. Juice? Never.

So what do they drink? French women are in love with… water! “The best of the beverage” as my mother always said. 

4. French women eat at specific times

At very strict times. 3 meals a day: breakfast (7-9h) lunch (12-14h) dinner (19-21h) and a little “goûter” in the afternoon (16-17h). Absolutely no snack in between.

Doing so makes your body know when food will arrive, and thus the body won’t stock too much fat. Trust me.

5. French women take time at the table

Yes. In France, we have lunch for at least 1h, even longer in dinner. It takes 20min for your brain to realise that you’re eating, 20min to send you a signal that you’re full. Make it slow, and you will feel you had enough before eating too much. Try at home!

6. French women receive a special education since young

French kids don’t have the right to eat between meal times, when at the table they shall not play or drink soda. Parents control what they eat and make them focus on eating, healthy things. Story of my childhood!

7. French advertising is pushing women to stay slim

Yes. The law says, every advertising for ice-cream, sweet, alcohol (and food in general), must remind that you need to eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day to keep healthy and to do exercise. All advertising of food must mention the website  “”, which contains recipes, advice to stay healthy and is supported by the French Minister of Public Health. See, even Emmanuel Macron wants you to keep fit. 

8. French women have a special way to exercise

It’s not much about the gym. French ladies like to…walk! We never take car for doing a small distance. Since a young age, we walk. Paris is the capital where people walk the most in Europe! And walking keeps you fit. Make more shopping!

9. French ladies don’t adjust their clothes

Yes, when doing shopping they don’t buy a larger size if they put on weight. They will force themselves to recover their line to fit again their normal clothes. Thus, they maintain the same body shape for decades.

10. French women have high social pressure on their body

Yes. It’s very, very true. It’s socially very shameful to be fat for a woman in France. Even slightly overweight. There is no “casual wear” for going food shopping, or to go out in pajama.

A French lady is supposed to be always good looking, or she will be badly judged by people.

Here are the secrets! It’s all about a way of life. Do you think you can make it? Or you have better tips to stay slim? Share with me in the group! I’m happy to learn~