Tasty, healthy, and creative, sushi has conquered the hearts of plenty of gourmets all around the world. But very few of us know there are rules to eat them. Some of them, I’m sure you wouldn’t even guess. Are you sure about yourself?

Sushi types

Here are a few of the different types

Kazari-zushi means “decorative sushi” . Here we aim the beauty and aesthetics of various colours, shapes and even funny decoration.

Oshi-zushi is “pressed sushi” with different layers. Particularly popular in the Kansai area.

Temaki-zushi means “hand-rolled” and looks like little bouquets.

Nigiri-zushi: here it’s a bench of rice with a slice of fish or another food, like omelet, on top.

The battleship sushi or gunkan-maki is made by forming rice to an oval shape, wrapping nori (seaweed) around it, and topping it with whatever you like.

Chirashi-zushi basically is a sushi bowl with the toppings loosely spread on top of the vinegared rice.

What’s the correct order ?

Yes, there is an order for eating sushi. We go from the lightest to heaviest, in order to preserve taste.


First: light toppings -White fish (sea bream, flounder, squid).


Second: silver-skinned fish seasoned with vinegar (gizzard shad, mackerel).


Third: Red fishes (tuna, salmon)


Fourth: heavy toppings, sweet sauce toppings (conger eel, eel), shellfish, shrimp, sea urchin, roe.


End with: maki rolls & pickles – Maki rolls and pickled toppings are perfect finishers for your sushi meal.

 Hands or chopsticks?

In Japanese traditional diners, sushi is eatenwith hands instead of chopsticks, because sushis are also made by the hands of the chef.

But outside of Japan most of the countries have adopted sushi with chopsticks

But, no matter in Japan or elsewhere, you must use chopsticks when eating sashimi

DO & DON’Ts of the Sushi Etiquette

Don’t mix wasabi into the soy sauce. The chef has added the right amount in the sushi.

Do add some on top of your sushi if you really really want it extra spicy!

Don’t dip the sushi’s bottom in the soy sauce. It would dislocate the sushi.

Do dip it upside down (topping facing down), or on the side

Don’t bite into the sushi, should not be eaten in several bites.


Do eat it at once. Respect the balance of flavours made by the chef.

Don’t put ginger on top of sushi !

Do Take a piece of pickled ginger from your plate and eat it. You can do this in-between each roll, or each bite. This helps clear your palate, and removes the lingering flavor of your sushi roll.


Don’tseparate the fish from the rice.


Don’t drink sake while eating rice at the end, because sake is made from rice, which will conflict the taste.

Do take a sip while eating sushi.

Don’t randomly start to eat items on your Sushi Shimo (sushi platter).

Do start from the white (or the lightest) sushi and follow the order we gave. The plate disposition of sushi should follow the order from lighter to heavier sushis.

And you, what’s your favourite sushi? Leave us a comment.