Dear ladies and gentlemen, it’s a fact that we can’t deny: most Asian women (and men!) are aging better than their white counterparts. How come? Is there something in genetics, in habits, or else? I have investigated for you…

You probably remember the buzz of this man,51 years old from Singapore!

With the face and the body of someone below 30.

David Douillet has been a French Olympics winner in Judo in 1996 and 2000.

He’s also 51 today. But he looks quite different.

Unfair? Let’s check together the reasons behind aging differences…

I – The scientific reasons. 

Yes, there is some science involved. At many levels. 

  1. Skin types 

We may age through internal reasons (genetic, tiredness, hormones etc.) or external (Sun, pollution, tobacco etc.)

But they don’t play in same proportions! It has been proven that around 80% of our aging process comes from external influences, particularly 64% from the sun!

The more your skin resist to the sun the less it ages. 

Fitzpatrick skin scale

The darker the skin, the stronger the protection. Indeed, a light skin let the UV get deeper, and form wrinkles faster. 

As a result, European descent people with white skin are more likely to age faster at the contact of the sun.

He was reported to have been driving for 28 years, with the sun coming through the left side of the truck window (the right one being then protected). You see the difference?

2) Fat distribution on the face

Each ethnicity has different face feature. Asians have more fat around the eyes, and around the mouth than Europeans. We know that through aging, this fat will gradually decrease. 

This is the evolution of fat distribution on the face on a European descent lady. Asian ladies, starting with more fat, somehow have a “buffer” which will make the decrease less drastic, thus keeping a younger look for longer.

3) The “Baby Face” style

It’s called « Neoteny »: the retention of juvenile features in adulthood body, for humans or animals. 

For humans, we can mention babies have:

· A round head

· A “flat face”

· No brow bones

· Small nose bridge

· Round jaw

Asian faces simply have a higher tendency than Europeans one to keep some of these features in adulthood. 

4) Baldness

Having less hair gives an older overall look. And humans are not equal when facing baldness.

You see it with me, Indo-European’s descents males are more likely to suffer from baldness. Thus, to overall appear older. 

Conclusion of this first part? There are clear genetics factors playing on the impression that at equal age, an Asian face will look younger than a European one. 

II-Cultural reasons

Aside from science, culture plays a big role too. 

1) The sun culture

It’s not a secret, Western people like tanned skin, no matter the country picked. A pale skin is often seen as “unhealthy, sick”, while a slightly tanned skin is the proof you had holiday. Thus, you can afford to travel. 

On the contrary, people living in Asia still overall prefer a pale skin, taking an umbrella when sunshine (unthinkable in Western countries), covering themselves at the beach etc.

Western will rather buy cosmetics helping to tan safely, while Asians prefer whitening products. 

Consequence? Western people are more exposed to the sun, which is aging skin faster. 

2) The food culture

Food plays a big role in the body aging process. 

Food making you aging faster:

· Alcohol

· Processed food

· Sodas

· Fried food

· Caffeine

· Sugar

· High fat food

· High salt food

Healthy food, helping to keep a younger body: 

· Fishes

· White meats

· Green tea

· Fruits

· Vegetables

· Olive oil

Both Western and Asian food are very diverse, with huge differences from a country to another, from a social class to another, from regions etc. 

But we can spot the Western cuisine integrate more items likely to age the body, such as sweet food, processed food etc.

3)  “Cute” vs “Confident”

Here is a major cultural difference: Asian cultures like what is “cute”. Whether it’s in movies, in games, in advertising, the images shown to customer rather feature “cute” characters. 

China Produce 101

Korean K-POP

Japanese “Kawai” culture

Child-look is seen as something rather positive, attractive, while serious, powerful features are not those preferred, they are rather seen as “boring”.

Most women in Western countries, and even more men, don’t like to picture themselves as “cute”, but rather as “elegant”, “independent”, “confident”, or other adjectives that all give a certain idea of power. 

What is “cute” will rather been seen as childish, immature, which is not considered positive. 


Consequence: yes, Asians will also look younger that Europeans descents because that’s what they both want to as an image of themselves. 

III-Famous people aging

Look at these people. Obviously, beyond surgery, they must have paid good attention to their lifestyle

Ok, there are undebatable factors making Asian people overall looking younger. But let’s keep in mind we are all making our own choices, and how we age is the reflection of our lives.